January 2023
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Other countries laugh as we suckers in Britain and US pay to fight Ebola

I’ve pointed out in a previous post how the well-fed, utterly corrupt, thieving rulers of the Ebola-hit countries will be laughing all the way to their offshore banks as they get the chance to steal much of the money flowing in to supposedly fight the Ebola outbreak. Here’s a reminder of the number of deaths in the Ebola-hit countries, how much they get in foreign aid each year and how much their elites are estimated to steal from their countries each year:

ebola stealing

But there are other people laughing too. In fact, most of the world will be howling like hyenas on speed as they watch the US and British governments pour their taxpayers’ money into the fight against Ebola, while other countries give either nothing or next to nothing. The worthless corrupt UN has asked countries to stump up $1bn and looking at the various promises made, one might think this money will turn up, with us stupid Brits being among the largest contributors (click to see more clearly)

ebola pladges 2

You may notice a few things:

1. China, the country which is colonising much of Africa and which has 152 billionaires compared to Britain’s 47, has pledged less than half what the UK has committed to

2. Rich Germany with its 80 million population has pledged much less than us stupid Brits

3. Most of the oil-rich, cash-rich Arab countries will probably be giving nothing. They’re using their money to fund ISIS and to buy up companies and luxury homes in Britain

4. The EU is forever trying to extend its power, but with the fight against Ebola, the EU’s ambitions seem more modest. They’re letting us idiots in Britain pay the most

But there can be a rather large gulf between what self-regarding politicians promise in front of the TV cameras and what they give in reality. For example, while the US has actually given about $200m and the UK about $20m, China has coughed up just $8.3m, France only $7.4m, Italy $2m and Spain a pathetic $540,000.

I guess most of the countries in the world are rather hoping that the US and Britain will sort out the Ebola mess caused by African leaders’ incompetence, greed and corruption and then other countries will be able to say that they really really wanted to give money but sadly their money is no longer needed.

How the whole world must be laughing at our grandstanding politicians’ stupidity and our gullibility as our money pours into African kleptocrats’ bank accounts and the BBC gushes on about how Britain is fighting Ebola without mentioning how their beloved EU and other countries are doing next to f*** a**.


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  • Asanka

    Mr Craig, you are a little bitter maybe? Go for a walk in the park and ruffle the hair of your grandchildren.

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