March 2023
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EU’s “dirty tricks” campaign to help Miliband by destroying Cameron may backfire

Our eurocrat masters love Ed Miliband. He’s their chosen man. He has all the right credentials, not least that he is inept, uncharismatic, unimaginative but most of all an ardent Europhile.

He has everything the EU needs or wants of a national leader and will sycophantically do whatever his EU masters command. But that means that he is not so popular with UK voters.

But that doesn’t matter. The EU can easily fix that small problem

It helps them that Cameron is almost equally reviled by the UK electorate. All that is necessary to ensure Millipede wins is to bring down Cameron enough so that Labour can take advantage of the built-in electoral boundaries advantage. (Idiot Cameron should have made sorting this a priority while Clegg was still playing at being onside and helpful, not wait till the full extent of Clegg’s fifth column activities became apparent, even to Dopey Dave).

Of course, UKIP are a complication, but a complication the EU will face in other countries where there is also a rising tide of anti-EU feeling such as the Front National in France and AfD in Germany.

In the EU the end justifies the means and there are no means that are too abhorrent, too underhand not to be used. We were sold the EU as a Common Market by Heath who knew full well but lied and imposed a stricture of secrecy on the true objectives – ever closer union and loss of national sovereignty.

Faced with the refusal of some nation states to surrender sovereignty when asked nicely, the EU ignored the results of referenda forcing the few countries which did vote against the EU Constitution to vote again when they gave the “wrong answer” first time round.

This is the EU which does not care how much individual suffering it causes, which does not much care for democracy and which has no qualms about doing whatever it feels is necessary to achieve its own objectives. It’s no coincidence that every time “Cast-Iron” Dave makes one of his promises, he’s immediately slapped down by one of the hideous trio – Barroso, Merkel or Juncker.

dirty tricks

The brutal way the £1.7bn demand, with penalties, was handled by the EU can be seen as a deliberate dirty trick by the EU to destroy any pretensions Cameron may have about being influential (as was also shown by the way Merkel suckered him over the appointment of Juncker) and why they have shot down in no uncertain terms all Cameron’s promises on controlling immigration from the EU. Not politely. Not diplomatically. But crudely and bluntly. It is their clear message to the UK electorate that they are in charge and that Cameron is not going to be able to deliver on a single promise.

But the more our EU rulers hector and bully us, the more people see the EU is an unreformable, corrupt, wasteful dictatorship and the more they turn to UKIP.

So long as votes for UKIP looked like splitting the Right and delivering a Labour government, the EU’s “destroy Cameron” policy was working wonderfully. But with Miliband being increasingly exposed as a buffoon, with Labour Party support falling, with Labour likely to lose 20 or more formerly ‘safe’ seats in Scotland to the SNP and with UKIP performing much more strongly that our EU masters ever imagined, we may end up with a Tory/UKIP-dominated parliament.

This is precisely the opposite of what the EU’s dirty tricks campaign against Cameron intended.


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