November 2023
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Your lot are responsible for Ebola deaths, Kofi, not us!

I almost threw something at the TV this morning when I saw the smug, holier-than-thou, multi-millionaire, former Secretary-General of the utterly corrupt UN, Kofi Annan, lecturing us about Ebola and claiming the West has ‘not done enough’ to combat the spread of the disease.

So, let me remind Kofi of a few facts:

1. After WWII, under the Marshall Plan the US gave Europe around $20bn a year (in today’s money) for five years to rebuild shattered European economies. This led to one of the greatest periods of prosperity the world has ever experienced

2. Since 1965 (so that’s almost 50 years), Africa has received over $1trn in foreign aid ($20bn a year) and many African countries (especially Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where there are the most cases of Ebola) are now poorer than they were in 1965. Where has all the money gone? Mostly stolen by the African countries’ ruling elites

3. The ruling elites in three of the four countries where there is Ebola steal more money from their countries each year than they receive in foreign aid

ebola stealing4. Kofi Annan is a former Ghanian diplomat. In the three years from 2009-2011 Ghana received around $5.4bn in foreign aid and over the same period Ghana’s corrupt rulers stole at least $2.75bn from their country

5. In 1965, the GDP per capita of Ghana was higher than that of South Korea. Now the GDP per capita of South Korea at $25,976 is more than ten times that of Ghana’s $1,850, yet Ghana has received more in aid than South Korea. Why did this happen? Because South Koreans used their aid money to build a successful economy, while Ghana’s rulers stole most of the foreign aid they were given

Here are the people responsible for Ebola, Kofi – Africa’s corrupt, incompetent, brutal, thieving leaders:

africa union

As former Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi, you must know these facts. Yet you choose to blame the West for ‘not doing enough’ to fight the spread of Ebola.

In my humble opinion, Kofi, you are a corrupt, self-serving, hypocritical liar. In my humble opinion, Kofi, if you want to help Africa, then deal with the almost limitless thieving of your mates.

But don’t blame us for Ebola, Kofi! Look in the mirror and you’ll see who is responsible for thousands of Ebola deaths!

(Oh, and please don’t sue me, Kofi. I’m just giving my humble opinion. And anyway, I’ve got no money, while you’ve got plenty. Come to think of it, why don’t you contribute some of your wealth to building a few clinics, Kofi? You know you can afford it!)

4 comments to Your lot are responsible for Ebola deaths, Kofi, not us!

  • Keen Reader

    Well said! I am sick of all the hand-wringing and pleas for money and allegations that it’s all the fault of developed countries – particularly of course the poor old UK – because we pay taxes which provide health care and basic sanitary living conditions and because (the adherents to the Religion of Peace apart) we exercise some restraint regarding how many children we contribute to the world’s disastrously burgeoning population.
    I can’t say I am overjoyed, either, that when the NHS is stretched to breaking point, significant numbers of home-trained doctors and nurses evidently think it’s fine to abandon their UK patients and head for the corrupt African hell-holes then, when they contract the nasty disease, assume they will be conveyed back to the UK to be cared for.

  • MGJ

    It seems to be hard-wired into the brain of Kofi, as well as millions of middle-class twits in this country, that all Africans (except the white ones, obviously) are by definition helpless victims. No thinking required.

    I’m sure they’d tell you that even the fat cat embezzlers in your photo are somehow blameless victims of former imperialism.

  • Jane Smith

    David, make Kofi buy all your books.
    That will make you happy and Kofi will get to learn something.
    Oh, Kofi, if you’re reading this, your barbed comments about the West:
    Is this coz we is white?

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