September 2023
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Maybe we should be grateful to Rotherham and ISIS?

Scenes like this used to be quite common in Britain:


And scenes like this:


But since the Rotherham scandal and the rise of ISIS, our friends from the glorious Religion of Peace (RoP) have been slightly more subdued in expressing their loathing of everything about Britain (apart from our generous benefits system).

Up till now, our craven rulers and cowardly media have been able to dismiss previous antics by the followers of the RoP as “having nothing to do with *sl*m”. But first Rotherham and now ISIS have revealed the reality of the hell we have allowed to grow in our midst. Even the stupidest Brits are beginning to realise that something is going badly wrong and that the RoP may not be quite as benign as our cowardly leaders and gutless press have been claiming.

As for Britain’s M*sl*ms, they have understood that we are beginning to see them for what they really are and so their leaders have now, very belatedly, started to half-heartedly denounce some of ISIS’s more colourful activities – denunciations that are eagerly reported by the yellow-livered media to ‘prove’ that “*sl*mic State has nothing to do with *sl*m” and that the RoP is really peaceful and tolerant and forward-looking and so on and so forth.

But should we trust British M*sl*m leaders’ lamentations and excuses and cynical, self-serving crocodile tears? Or are they just in a state of panic at being found out?

And what about the great alliance against ISIS? Some of the Arab countries supposedly involved are also those channelling the most money to ISIS. Their strategy is to play both sides so they can be certain of ending up with the winner.

Finally, we keep hearing about how the latest victim of ISIS was “kidnapped”. As far as I understand the situation, he was not kidnapped at all. He was betrayed and sold to ISIS minutes after entering Syria by people in the M*sl*m charity he had trusted.

*sl*mic fascism (real *sl*m) is on the rise. It’s spreading down from the Middle East through Africa and across from the Middle East to India and Pakistan.

ISIS have shown us the nature of the greatest threat to civilisation since our German friends slaughtered about 50 million people when they last tried to take over the world and our leaders and the media are looking ever more ridiculous as they fraudulently claim “*sl*mic State has nothing to do with *sl*m”.

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