June 2024

Don’t believe self-serving Oxfam’s lies

I have to leave early for London today, so I’ll just briefly expose Oxfam’s lies about how they really use our money.

Oxfam claim that £8.40 of every £10 we give them goes to “saving lives”. This is a lie.

Here’s what really happens to our money (click to see more clearly)

Charity B

Oxfam raises about £385.5m a year. It spends about £90.6m running its shops and fundraising. That leaves £294.9m (£7.60 for every £10 raised) for “saving lives”.

But Oxfam spends about £31.9m of this on administration and governance. That leaves £263m (£6.80 for every £10 raised) for saving lives.

Of the £263m left, Oxfam gives over £90m of this to other charities. As they will also have administration and management costs of about 20%, then that’s another £18m lost to overhead costs leaving just £244.9m (£6.35 for every £10 raised) for supposedly “saving lives.

Finally, depending on the Third World country where Oxfam operates, between one third and two thirds of all money used will be lost to waste, incompetence and corruption.

So, Oxfam’s claim that £8.40 of every £10 raised is spent “saving lives” is a brazen lie and you should not be fooled into giving them your money until Oxfam honestly tells us what they really do with our £385.5m a year.

1 comment to Don’t believe self-serving Oxfam’s lies

  • Keen Reader

    Come now David, don’t be so – well – so UNCHARITABLE!

    Just think of all that dosh going towards “saving the lives” – aka housing, feeding, clothing, paying kids’ private school, ballet, riding and tennis lessons fees etc. etc. – of those thousands of “hard working people” (sorry, couldn’t resist that in this tiresome Party Conference month) who are all very – well – GAINFULLY employed by Oxfam and dozens of equally dubious charities which can afford the chuggers who accost us in the streets and disturb our evenings by ringing our doorbells when they know we’ll be willing to sign off on a whole host of dodgy direct debits just to get a few minutes’ peace!

    You know what they say about Fools and their Money. More fool anyone, say I, who wastes a penny on any of these charity scams. If you want to do good, just look around at all the old people, those who really WERE in the main “Hardworking” most of their lives and who can scarcely afford to turn on the lights or the heating now winter is approaching. Toss them a dime or two. Of course, these tender-hearted oldies, who knew in their youth what true poverty really was and who had stronger family values than are often seen today, are among the first to fall for the photo of the huge-eyed African child and give their widow’s or widower’s mite to help feed it, never realizing how little of what is given ever reaches its presumed destination.

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