February 2023
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‘Braveheart’ funks it – Salmond wins

I suppose one has to mention the Scotch referendum.

As I was born in and spent about a third of my life in Scotchland, I couldn’t see why everyone was getting their sporrans in a twist.

As I predicted, the “YES!” side would win handsomely – “YES!” to continue sponging of the English while complaining of English domination and how much richer they’d all be without us. “YES!” to us paying for their free universities. “YES!” to us paying for their better care for the elderly. “YES!” to getting over £1,300 per year more per citizen than is spent in the rest of the UK. “YES!” to their MPs being able to vote on Rest of the UK issues while Rest of the UK MPs won’t be able to vote on Scotch issues.

In today’s papers some idiots are saying Salmond would have to resign. They don’t get it. They really don’t get it. Salmond has played a blinder. He’s the real winner. He twisted the useless Cameron round his little finger. He got the question he wanted. He got 16 and 17-year-olds the vote and now he can remain Napoleon – Emperor of Scotchland – getting hugely increased powers and even more of our money and nobody will ever find out that all his lies about an independent Scotchland’s wealth were actually lies.


There’s more oil in Scotchland’s deep-fat fryers than there is in the North Sea.

Forget Mel ‘Jew-hater’ Gibson. Tubby Napoleon look-alike Alex is the new “Braveheart”. He can strut around his little empire bravely bellowing “freedom!!!” like a true Hollyrood hero, while still keeping his generous benefits paid for by the stupid, gullible English.

Now, that’s what I call ‘freedom!’

Congratulations Fat Alex on your stunning victory.

(Tomorrow something more serious – dementia – if I remember)

1 comment to ‘Braveheart’ funks it – Salmond wins

  • John Fields

    I admire Mr.Salmomd. He wins concessions from Cameron. Has the Scottish
    political scene at his feet. Then takes responsibility for the S.N.P’s defeat and
    resigns as First Minister. There a lot out there in every walk of life who could learn from this man’s action.

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