July 2024

Sadly I partially agree with Hamas-loving Baroness Warsi

I suspect that the good Baroness Warsi only achieved what she has because she was a female, working-class M*sl*m. So, in the interest of political correctness and to prove the Tories were ‘modern’ and inclusive’, the lovely unelected Baroness was probably promoted several thousand miles above her actual level of competence. And I can only dream about how my books would have been celebrated and how many copies would have been sold had I been female, working-class and M*sl*m too.

But on the matter of the Gaza conflict, I suspect Warsi reflects the views of many people – the Israelis have disastrously over-reacted in terms of the violence unleashed on Gaza’s civilian population and I fear that this will come to haunt Israel in the future by weakening support around the world. Plus I worry this will let the Iranians develop their ‘God Bomb’ and when they use it, many people will think ‘the Israelis deserved this’.

But I don’t agree with Warsi that Hamas’s takeover of the Gaza strip was beneficial. Here’s what the good Baroness told us in 2006, “I think what’s happened in the Middle East with the election of Hamas is actually an opportunity and I think that’s the way we’ve got to see it. When groups that practise violence are suddenly propelled into power through a democratic process they get responsibility and responsibility can be a tremendously taming factor. And I think that Hamas, when it realises that it wants a safe and stable and prosperous Palestine for its people, will realise that the way to deal with that is through dialogue and democracy and not through violence. And I actually think that Hamas has been given a mandate and I think it will now hopefully adopt a responsible position because that is the only way”.

Ooops. Perhaps Warsi hopes we’ve all forgotten how, in her brilliance, she predicted that the election of a violent, extremist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews would lead to Hamas adopting “a responsible position”. As for the Baroness claiming that Hamas “wants a safe and stable and prosperous Palestine for its people“, Hamas couldn’t give a damn for “its people”. Hamas wants to eradicate the State of Israel and all Jews and, if letting loads of Palestinian women and children get killed helps Hamas achieve its aims, then the more the merrier as far as Hamas is concerned.

But the good Baroness has frequently put her religion before the good of the country that has allowed her to have such a charmed life, mostly at taxpayers’ expense. I wonder what her life would have been like if her family had remained in Pakistan. Married off at 12 or 13 probably to a man twenty or thirty years older and then forced to have a huge brood of children. And probably beaten by her husband every time she did something which displeased him.

The Baroness has told us not to use “sensationalised language” to describe the Trojan Horse takeover of schools by hardline M*sl*ms dedicated to the destruction of Western society. And she apparently hasn’t noticed the massacres being carried out by M*sl*ms on M*sl*ms and Christians and, in fact, anybody in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps Warsi has been too busy spending all the money she’s getting from us by being both a government minister and a member of the House of Liars?

If you don’t like our country dear Baroness Warsi, you’re free to leave. You could even go back to delightful Pakistan where your family came from. Of course, we’ll miss you. But your departure is a sacrifice we may have to make.

7 comments to Sadly I partially agree with Hamas-loving Baroness Warsi

  • Paris Claims

    How is it possible to get the response right?
    Had we responded proportunately in 1939 we’d still be fighting now.

  • John Fields

    You say that the Israelis have over-reacted, and Hamas does not care about its
    own people. There is the reason for heavy civilian casualties. How do the Jews fight
    an enemy that hides behind a human shield? Please answer that question Mr Craig.
    Corrupt or otherwise, the Palestinians voted for Hamas to be their leaders.
    This is not a football match. A loss here for the Jews means a second Holacaust, and
    the end of Israel.
    I agree that they have lost the propaganda war, but those who criticise their actions
    do not have the threat of total elimination hanging over them.
    As for Iran’s God bomb, israel’s response would be the end for Iran.

  • Peter

    Good, now lets get rid of the rest of them. If she cares so much, she can trot off and do her good work on the Gaza Strip.
    This woman failed to impress when seeking democratic election, failed to impress in any government post and has demonstrated repeatedly that she has no consistent or acceptable opinions on anything. It seems clear that she’s dug her own grave because nobody in politics loves a proven loser.

  • Rod

    Baroness Khazi isn’t too popular with the “community” whose votes she was hired to garner…

    Good riddance I say. Jog on…

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Do you think she will fly back to Pakistan from Heathrow or Manchester?
    I shall be glad when she is gone. Self-opinionated little madam.

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