March 2023
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Third time lucky for the Germans?

In 1914, our German friends had a go at ‘uniting’ Europe under a German flag. The results were pretty terrible:


Being slightly slow learners, in 1939 the Germans had another go – again using military force.


And again they broke a lot of things, but didn’t get the German-dominated Europe they wanted:

But as with football, our German friends looked at why things hadn’t gone their way, changed their tactics and made a third attempt to achieve their goal of the domination of Europe under the German boot.

Here’s Angela Merkel triumphantly telling her obsequious British subjects that on the road to a united Europe (under German control, of course) there will be NO negotiation, NO concessions to British interests and NO return of any power to the British Parliament.


Seems to me that the Germans have finally won. What do our quisling leaders think? Mr Cameron? Or Mr Clegg? Or Mr Miliband?

By the way, why was it all those people died in two World Wars? Oh yes, I remember – it was to prevent the Germans taking over Europe. Oh dear, it looks like almost 100 million people lost their lives for no purpose at all.

2 comments to Third time lucky for the Germans?

  • Why not be run by the Germans if they run things better.
    Anyway not denying their aggression in 1914 and 1939 it was a major mistake to declare war on them. They wanted to dominate Europe not England. We bankrupted ourselves twice and lost much of our overseas investments. Please see Peter Hitchens articles on this Daily Mail web site.
    The reality is our dead of 1914 died for nothing same as those who died in the 1918 Influenza pandemic .

  • John Fields

    They have sold us out to Adolf Merkel. In November they will stand around the
    cenotaph to remember our war dead. What hypocrisy!

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