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Record global cooling is definite proof of global warming! Believe!!!!!!!

4 comments to Record global cooling is definite proof of global warming! Believe!!!!!!!

  • A Thorpe

    The belief that a single temperature can define the entire climate system and that changes can tell us details about the weather at some future date is utterly farcical. Fiddling around in animal intestines will tell an expert in that art more than an average temperature will tell a climate scientist.

    An average temperature is meaningless and cannot be calculated because temperature is an intensive variable and manipulating temperatures using arithmetic is equivalent to creating a new law of thermodynamics – conservation of temperature. Consider two lumps of metal, weigh them separately, calculate the total weight, put them both on the scales and the combined weight will be the calculated total. The law of conservation of mass applies. Take two cups of water at different temperatures, measure their temperature, add the temperatures together, mix the two cups together and measure the temperature. It will not be close to the calculated total because there is not a law of conservation of temperature. There is law of conservation of energy which would allow the temperature of the water mixture to be calculated.

    This perversion of the laws of thermodynamics is at the centre of the the climate fraud. It is essential based on the effective temperature at which the earth radiates to space being -18C. Followed by an incorrect assumption that the incoming radiation from the sun can only heat the earth’s surface to the same average temperature, -18C. But it is claimed the average temperature of the earth’s surface is 15C and therefore the difference of 33C has to come from the atmosphere and bingo, there the greenhouse effect.

    Averages are never used in science. If the average load on a bridge was used, it would collapse, if the average thrust of a plane in flight was used , the plane would never take off. If a home heating system was sized on the basis of the average outside temperature being 15C, we would all be very cold in winter.

    The stupidity of humanity in their obsession with controlling everything has resulted in their brains being filled with nonsense. The billions spent on education is entirely wasted.

  • Loppoman

    “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” by Bill Gates.
    In his new book, this guy THINKS he knows how to reach zero carbon and avoid a climate disaster (so it’s not yet an emergency, as we’re being told). Note – he doesn’t know, he THINKS.
    Unfortunately, some devotees will buy this and degrade their intelligence even more.
    Why would someone with lots of dosh want to write this crap?

  • William Boreham

    I read an article in the Mail about the ‘mini’ Ice Age 1560 to 1630 caused by volcanic eruptions which led to crop failures and worldwide famine. I wonder were there witch doctors back then also claiming the climate change was caused by burning fossil fuel.

  • A Thorpe

    Bill Gates is also working on eliminating viruses, except on his Windows operating system.

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