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Don’t buy the Sanders hype – Democrat bosses will ensure Bloomberg gets it

(Monday blog)

Magic Grandpa – USA-style?

It’s quite extraordinary to watch the useless US Dumbocrats following the equally useless UK Labour Party up a blind alley into their own arseholes.

Like UK Labour, the US Democrats have abandoned their traditional voters – blue-collar workers – and instead jumped onto every progressive, liberal, woke bandwagon they could find – hugging gimmegrants, tearing down borders, transgender crap, Greta-worship, white guilt, Izlumophilia etc etc.

And when UK Labour and the US Democrats found that their traditional voting base weren’t interested in any of this progressive, libtard garbage, the two parties couldn’t help revealing their contempt for the knuckle-dragging, backwards neanderthals who had previously voted for them – people who believed in things like community, patriotism, were concerned about excessive uncontrolled immigration and who were proud of their countries’ achievements and history. In the UK, we had Fatso Thornberry (sorry, I meant the fragrant “Lady Nugent”) openly mocking a house with an English flag hanging outside and, of course, we had Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of ordinary people as “deplorables”.

In the UK, the shift from representing the working classes to jumping on woke bandwagons enabled the joke candidate – Magic Grandpa Jeremy Corbyn – to become Labour leader even though Labour aristocracy (Blair, Mandelson, Campbell and others of their ilk) knew terrorist-loving Commie Corbyn was unelectable. But Commie Corbyn was adored by the woke progressives with their useless degrees in Gender Studies and Climate Change Science. And thus we had these woke idiots chanting “Jeremy, Jeremy” at places like Glastonbury and we had the progressive liberal EU-loving media claiming Corbyn had changed British politics for ever.

Now it’s the turn of the Dumbocrats to elect their Magic Grandpa – Bernie ‘Maduro’ Sanders – to be their candidate to be trampled over and beaten to a pulp by Trump in  November. You might have thought Deontay Wilder had a tough time at the hands of the Gypsy King in Vegas at the weekend. But that was nothing compared to the thrashing Trump will wreak on Magic Grandpa Sanders.

It’s all about the money

Actually, I don’t believe Trump is going to get the chance to stomp all over Bernie ‘Maduro’ Sanders. I believe that whatever support Sanders gets from the Dumbocrats’ woke voters, Democrat bosses will somehow twist the rules to ensure that Billionaire Bloomberg gets the nomination. As far as I understand, the Democrat bosses already did this to allow Bloomberg to participate in the recent Democrat candidates’ debate.

Democrat bosses understand, just as the UK Labour aristocracy understood, that loony lefty Magic Grandpas, who hate their own countries and who want to turn their countries into Venezuela, are unelectable. But Democrat bosses have another problem – money. Hillary Clinton managed to spend twice as much as Trump on her campaign because she was supported by most Wall Street banks. If you want money, banks are a good place to get it. But Magic Grandpa Bernie doesn’t have the big banks’ support. He only has the support of the woke, progressive, Greta-worshipping, rapemigrant-hugging snowflakes and the woke, progressive, Greta-worshipping, rapemigrant-hugging snowflakes don’t have much money.

Mikey Bloomberg, on the other hand, has loads of money – $40bn or $60bn or something like that.

In the November US presidential election there will also be elections for the 435 members of the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate (I think). Democrats will needs lots of money to fight in November and they won’t get it from the Sanders-loving woke snowflakes. But they can get it from Little Mikey Bloomberg.

That’s why Bloomberg will be the Democrat candidate in November. Bloomberg has got money and the Democrats will flatter him and brown-nose him and suck up to him and milk him for every dollar they can get.

An intelligent summary of the Covid-19 outbreak

In case you weren’t aware, a British doctor is posting daily updates on the progress of the Covid-19 Made-in-China outbreak. The doctor doesn’t deal with controversial issues like whether the virus originally was leaked by accident from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab of Dr Peng Zhou. But he does give a measured account of what’s happening now.

Here’s one of his most recent videos:

3 comments to Don’t buy the Sanders hype – Democrat bosses will ensure Bloomberg gets it

  • A Thorpe

    I saw an American being interviewed last night talking about Bloomberg’s money and suggesting he has so much and depending how he uses it, it could be a threat to democracy. Trump has done one sensible thing which is to ignore Greta. My understanding is that because of fracking they have the cheapest energy costs in the world which helps any economy. The exception is California where the looney celebrities have embraced renewable energy. However, I cannot see that Trump has achieved a lot, no matter what he says and it is all from debt increasing.

    The EU has some of the highest energy costs in the world and Boris seems determined to force our prices up before he destroys the entire supply system, with the help of the regulator and the Prospect union. He is spending money like Corbyn with little evidence it will achieve anything. He hasn’t a clue what to do about the flooding which seems to be the result of years of failure by the Environment Agency and building on flood plains. The EU seems to be tearing itself apart which does not help us.

    Now we have a possible pandemic, although I lost the will to live listening to that boring analysis.

    And why do we have these problems? Because of politicians, no matter where or what party. When world leaders gather to listen to a 16 year old school dropout telling them they are useless, and their reaction is to applaud her, then we know we are in serious trouble. We need to cut down the size of governments everywhere and get back our freedoms.

  • William Boreham

    The main concern about the spread of this coronavirus or Covid-19, is not the death toll but that it will tip the world into an economic recession worse that that of 2007/8 and this time, the central banks haven’t the resources to print their way out of it. Vital production in China has come to a halt with the workers refusing to go back to work despite pleas from the government. They know should a single employee go down with the bug, they will all be quarantined in that factory for at least two weeks, now, maybe more. The coming American election is featured today, what effect will it have if the USA is in a deep depression after Trump boasting about the improved economy and employment figures under his presidency? Maybe the time is to start panicking now, stock up on emergency food and make sure you are not dependent on ATM’s to deliver cash, keep a tidy amount under the mattress.

  • Jeff Palmer

    The modern Democrat and Labour parties are not dissimilar to the modern ‘Selfridges’ store in London’s Oxford Street.

    Selfridges used to be a proper store – although it displayed and sold a wide variety of goods, many of which were unique to Selfridges, it always ran all its departments and counters itself, with its own sales policy and its own management and staff.

    Nowadays however, Selfridges appears to have become merely a big building that rents out its floor space as concession areas to different and often competing brands. As a result, it has lost its own identity, and I myself have nowadays lost any interest in frequenting the store.

    Thus the once formidable Labour party is now merely a receptacle for every competing virtue-signalling minority interest, united solely by their hatred of the Tories and of ordinary working people. And each convinced that its own hobby-horse is far more important than any of the others.
    It appears that the US Democrats are now heading full-tilt up the same blind alley.

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