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Where will you and your family run to if civil war breaks out?

A reader helpfully sent me a link to a YouTube video claiming the EU will be majority M*sl*m by 2050.

In fact, the figures don’t really bear this out. There are officially about 20 million M*sl*ms in the EU (so the real number is probably closer to 25 million). But even this 25 million is only about 5% of the EU’s population. However, we can expect the EU’s M*sl*m population to rise much more rapidly in the future than previously thanks to idiotic Merkel’s massive cock-up invitation to the whole M*sl*m world to move to the EU and yesterday’s disgraceful agreement to allow 74 million M*sl*m Turks visa-free travel to the EU in return for empty promises by Turkey’s increasingly dictatorial and increasingly *sl*mic ruler to possibly slow down the migrant flood.

But even if the EU’s M*sl*m population doubles every 20 years, by 2050 there will be around 100 million M*sl*ms in the EU. That’s pretty frightening. But it’s still ‘just’ 20% of the EU’s population.

So, the overall numbers don’t support the “EU will be majority M*sl*m by 2050” story.

The truly horrifying aspect of the *sl*mic invasion is that it will be concentrated in our major cities and towns, most of which will be majority M*sl*m long before 2050. Sweden’s three main cities – Stockholm, Malmoe and Gothenburg – will be 40% M*sl*m by 2030 (in just 15 years)  and 80% M*sl*m by 2050

And here are a few other European cities:

eu cities muslim

Ooops, our rulers forgot to tell us that this would be the result of their craven surrender to the *sl*mic invasion.

And here are some British ones:

uk cities muslim

Though the *sl*mification of our towns and cities might move even faster than I predict as ‘white flight’ accelerates.

A few things are clear – the M*sl*m population is growing far too rapidly to integrate into European countries; most M*sl*ms see themselves as M*sl*ms first and foremost and feel no loyalty at all to the countries where they live; many of the new arrivals and their offspring will be completely unsuited to any form of useful employment and most M*sl*ms despise us Kaffirs and consider us as less than human.

Our rulers’ abject and deceitful surrendering of our countries, our history, our culture, our freedoms, our values and our democracies to the invading M*sl*m armies are likely to lead to a dystopia in which our cities and towns have been turned into Third World *sl*mic slums where the few increasingly ageing members of the indigenous population cower in their homes, afraid to venture outside because of their fear of attack by rampaging mobs of young M*sl*m men and in which any white girl leaving her home alone risks gang rape, gang sodomisation, gang torture and possible murder.

Another reader sent me a link to a story about the super-rich buying expensive bolt-holes in New Zealand (a country where just 0.9% of the population is M*sl*m) because they fear an uprising against them. But what they really fear, but dare not say, is civil war breaking out between M*sl*ms and non-M*sl*ms across Europe.

And finally, to cheer us all up, here’s a recent Pat Condell assessment of Europe’s suicide. Have a very Jihadi weekend. Inshallah!

20 comments to Where will you and your family run to if civil war breaks out?

  • tony potts

    Ah you neglected to include the 75 Million muslims soon to join us from Turkey, I fear you underestimate the power of Europe’ politicians to accelerate the demise of Europe.Camoron will see to that.

    Turkey must be welcome in EU, insists Cameron.(2011)

  • tony potts

    And yes there will be White Flight, I am actively looking at leaving the UK. Best to get out early while house prices are still relatively high.

  • Mike Fredericks

    German 29 year old University Student in Dresden , you know the type,an ‘Open Borders Activist’ .Was stabbed twice in the back by a migrant gang outside a Pizzeria.Although the police have covered it up and said it could have been anybody that committed the stabbing (even though the workers in the Pizzeria gave a full description of the attackers.)BBC SKY etc. must have missed that story again.

  • Mike Fredericks

    Remember the Polar bear at Calais story, well if you watch this video it makes you feel sorry for the Polar Bear. But its ok dont worry he will be in a cage when he he gets to Yorkshire,he will be protected from them.

  • fred burton

    Danish TV Report asks, why dont you want to stay in Denmark, why not stay in a safe country. He said the salary is 50% greater in Sweden, she said its 500 km away he says no problem. He also says most important reason I go to Sweden I can bring all my family sooner if I am in Sweden just 2 or 3 months.

    Remember only 20% of the so called migrants are from Syria.Why doesnt someone vet them on arrival, no chance.

  • mike west

    Front page of todays Daily Mail headline.
    “EU deal risks new wave of migrants”

    “Plan to hand Turks millions of EU visas is bordering on insanity.”

    Now this headline is not the headline on the Daily Mails online newspaper, the reason being that the tabloid version will be in the bin tomorrow and quickly forgotten about ,but the online version will be digitally recorded for ever they dont want anyone remembering the shock truth headlines longer than a day. They know full well the sheeple will have forgotten all about it tomorrow.

  • peter king

    the Muslim demographic bomb is the age range of these people, being more club 18-30 then Generation Bus Pass. In England about one person under 25 is Muslim. When i lived in Croydon most of the Younger Muslim women identifiable by the Hijab headscarf seemed to have more than the average number of children,
    On the issue of civil war Enoch Powell predicted this a number of times on television and their on clips of him saying this on Youtube.

  • Tony Peters

    Ah yes Turkey : 11 October 2015

    Ankara attacks: Turkey in mourning after blasts kill almost 100.

  • Tony Peters

    Its also time for Britain to stop warmongering and backing radical Isalmists in Syria.

    Syrian archbishop pleads for UK to stop backing anti-Assad Islamist groups.

    A Syrian archbishop has pleaded for the British Government to stop backing Islamist rebel groups who he said were in fact “fundamentalist jihadis who want to kill everyone who is not similar to them”.

    He also said Britain is “investing in jihadis and mercenaries who are killing anyone who is saying anything about freedom, citizenship, religious liberty and democracy”.

    He said the four-year civil war was a contest between a modern secular state and jihadis who were destroying its culture and massacring religious minorities.

    “It is terrible for us to see all the marvellous things we had, destroyed for pretend democracy and freedom,” the Melkite Archbishop said. “Our country was fighting for 50 to 60 years to become a secularist regime, a pluralistic country, to give citizens their rights of religion and freedom of choice . . . and you are destroying this work and pushing on us fundamental jihadis who want to kill everyone who is not similar to them.

    “They don’t accept anyone who is different. Anyone who is not a fundamentalist Muslim has no rights: no right to live, no right to be in society, no right to be a citizen.”

    “We are suffering because they [the jihadi rebel groups] have destroyed everything — our economy, our industry, our churches, everything. The most important thing we are suffering from is that they are destroying man. They are taking away our right to choose what we want to be.”

    The Archbishop said the Syrian representative to the UN had written 258 letters to the UN presidency protesting about the plight of his country without receiving a single reply.

    David Cameron is expected to again put his case to Parliament for British military intervention in the Syrian civil war within the next few weeks.

    The British people should be ashamed of one of the darkest periods in their history.

  • Nick

    And as if all this wasn’t enough, they are now roaming the English countryside shooting at people with actual guns! The Police, of course gave up searching for them and said they’d just ‘run off’ – Wow! We’re now in real danger.

  • Tony Peters

    Tony who would want to invite 75 million Muslim Turks
    into Europe, Merkel, Camoron, George Soros,Obombya(Soros Poodle)etc.

  • david brown

    Soros and Peter Sutherland have said why .They want to end the individual nations states and pave the way for what HG Wells called The New World Order. The world run by a controlled by an elite. Mass immigration they have said is the means to change the individual nation states in geographic entities.
    The USA is now the US so that it can be merged with Canada and Mexico to become the North American Union.

  • NoMore

    Where will you and your family run to if civil war breaks out? Nowhere. It is only Syrians fake or otherwise who are running away rather than fighting for their countries. The Civil War aspect will apply only to the necessary bringing to justice of our own traitors such as the “elites”, UAF and multitudinous other leftists who brought this situation about and collaborated with the alien death cult invaders.

  • Tony Peters

    Most French People Want ‘Les Rosbifs’ to Leave EU.

    Survey is from 2013 but still ‘Sounds good to me.’

  • Tony Peters

    Brillo just signed the petition in the link thanks, EVERYONE should sign it, otherwise they have no grounds for complaint when the repercussions of this hit their streets.

  • Tony Peters

    You see others in Europe have more idea than we have .

  • mike west

    Germany Will Invest In Ukraine If It Tackles Corruption: Angela Merkel.

    This is why Obama overturned a legitimately , democratically elected government in Ukraine. He will stoop to any low depths.Is it any wonder Russia is upset.Russia is being very calm with all the provocation from the West. Obama siting 12 new nuclear missiles at Buchel Air Base in Germany, British troops in the Baltics US troops in Poland.

    RAF given green light to shoot down hostile Russian jets in Syria.

    Yes you read that correctly Cameron has given the RAF the green light to start WW3. What a lunatic.

  • mike west

    The Loss of All Liberty Is Coming Faster Than You Imagined.

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron reflects the serious problem we have with politicians. Politicians have ZERO respect for our human rights for they only think about how they are going to raid our wealth to pay for their families and retirements at our expense. Cameron actually asked, “In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication we cannot read? My answer to that question is: ‘No, we must not’.”

    These people are highly dangerous. They only see government as the solution and do not grasp that we have rights. Government wants to eliminate all encryption because they are hunting money. You have a 1000 times greater chance of dying in a car crash than by a terrorist. They use terrorism as the great excuse to collect everything we do.

  • mike west

    Although Cameron’ boss Obama is busy trying to start WW3 on his own.

    “With US Warships En Route To Islands, China Asks: “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This?”

    The US is in a tough spot militarily.

    In Syria, Russia and Iran have taken advantage of the fact that the plan hatched by the West and its regional allies to destabilize the Assad regime took far too long to develop. The idea was to foment discord and provide covert support for the various armed militias fighting to overthrow the government. But the effort is entering its fifth year and Assad is still there. Not only that, there have been a series of unintended (well, at least we hope they’re unintended) consequences. First, one of the rebel groups the West and its allies supported morphed into an insane band of white basketball shoe-wearing, black flag-waving, sword-wielding desert bandits. Second, the fighting created a horrific refugee crisis that now threatens to destabilize the whole of Europe. Sensing a historic geopolitical opportunity, Moscow and Tehran simply stepped in and outmaneuvered Washington. Now, the US basically has to decide whether it wants to go to war with Russia, because paradropping ammo into the middle of the desert isn’t going to be a viable strategy.

    Meanwhile, the US faces another superpower confrontation in the South China Sea.

    Now ,if Ukraine thinks it is fighting for its independence and identity from Russia, then do they realise that if they join the EU they will lose it altogether when they become Ukrainistan part of the Europistan Caliphate.

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