July 2024

Open the borders! Let them all in!

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Discount on my latest book

I have just noticed that Amazon are discounting paperback copies of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS from the normal price of £8.44 to £7.44. So, if you buy a copy now, you can save a whole £1. You could even donate that £1 to Reform.

Let them all in!

I have been trying to cut down on how much alcohol I drink. But I’m afraid I reverted back to heavy alcohol abuse while watching the Sunak/Starmer supposed debate and the BBC’s follow-up with six political pygmies trotting out their carefully-prepared and endlessly-rehearsed attack lines. Though I did enjoy Lord Admiral Penny ‘the sword’ Mordant and flame-haired lefty temptress Angie ‘loads of homes’ Rayner battering away at each other. It was almost as much fun as watching two scantily-clothed babes mud-wrestling. As for Farage, I imagine he would rather have been down the pub than having to listen to 90 minutes of inane lying garbage from the established political parties.

For me the most shocking detail of the BBC’s Friday evening political debate was that the majority (perhaps even all) the bozos the BBC chose as a supposedly ‘representative’ audience were supporters of mass immigration and horrified when Nigel Farage said something like “Open the borders! Let them all in!

The migrant-hugging audience put me in mind of a 10-year-old video by an American university professor showing the utter futility of believing that swamping the West with the Third World will somehow improve the lot of mankind.

You only really need to watch the first 2-3 minutes of the video to get the picture:

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  • A Thorpe

    What struck me about the parties debate was that the only time there was any applause was when there was a promise of government help. Yet they were all concerned about tax increases. Where did they think the money was going to come from to provide the help?

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