April 2024

As our MPs grovel to Britain’s radical Islamists – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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You’ll all be aware of the shenanigans in Parliament this week when the speaker seemed to be influenced by MPs’ fears of being attacked by our Religion of Peace and Tolerance friends if they were seen to have voted the ‘wrong’ way on the Gaza ceasefire motion.

Here are two charts. On your left is one showing the pecentage of our friends from the Religion of Peace and Tolerance in each European country in 2016. On your right is a projection of that percentage in 2050 if immigration continues at current high levels:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

Here are just a few of the numbers. First the countries which love immigrants:

  • UK projected to increase from 6.3% to 17.2%
  • France projected to increase from 8.8% to 18%
  • Sweden projected to increase from 8.1% to 30.6%
  • Germany projected to increase from 6.1% to 19.7%
  • Netherlands projected to increase from 7.1% to 15.2%
  • Austria projected to almost treble from 6.9% to 19.9%
  • Italy projected to treble from 4.8% to 14.1%

And now the countries which want to preserve their culture and national identity:

  • Hungary projected to increase from 0.4% to 4.5%%
  • Poland projected to increase from less than 0.1% to 0.2%
  • Czech Republic projected to increase from 0.2% to 1.2%
  • Slovakia projected to increase from 0.1% to 0.7%

Overall for this area, the number of our friends from our favourite religion may increase from 25,770,000 (4.9% of the population) to a staggering 75,550,000 (14% of the population).

As I am repeatedly informed that multiculturalism is a benefit for our countries and as I believe what I have been told to believe that ‘diversity is our strength’, I look forward to a vibrant and exciting future for our continent.

Have a good weekend.

3 comments to As our MPs grovel to Britain’s radical Islamists – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I was relieved to see that back in January, a test of our ‘Independent Nuclear Deterrent’ by the current Uberwoke edition of His Majesty’s Navee, presided over in person by the execrable Grant Shapps, served to prove that said deterrent is just as terminally useless as that gentleman is. Indeed when the rocket plopped back into the Atlantic, it nearly took Shapps with it.

    The reason why I was relieved is that Sir Kneel’s leftist apparatchiks, for so many years dedicated opponents of the Bomb, have recently taken an unhealthy interest in Trident and have chosen to support its renewal.

    And with Starmer’s support now largely coming from Hamas and Hezbollah activists, it takes little imagination to see exactly how they’d like to use that weapon once they got their hands on it.

    Therefore, following on from stories of our terminally unreliable aircraft carriers with hardly any aircraft on them and the propensity of our few remaining frigates to collide with each other, further proof that our new ‘Diverse, Inclusive and Equal’ matelots are incapable of running a whelk stall let alone saving this nation from continual alien invasion has actually left me a touch happier.

  • Stillreading

    Rockets that take one look at sky then head back for earth. Aircraft carriers that can’t go anywhere because their props don’t work. No aircraft for them anyway (or very few). “Trans” troops to fulfil the DIE quotas, more concerned about their lipsticks and if they’re having a bad hair day than defeating the enemy. And was it an appalling nightmare, or did I hear talk not so long ago of EV tanks? As for conscription, the Press upping the anti daily, presumably on Gvt. instruction, attempting to soft up the English population in readiness. Absolutely and utterly NO! Not now! English by birth, whose name goes back to Saxon times and a devoted lover of England and English traditions and whose grandfathers and father fought unquestioningly in both World Wars and of whom I am very proud, I unhesitatingly state that I would do anything, everything, within my power now to prevent any of my wonderful, hardworking, intelligent grandchildren from being forced to risk their lives in order to defend the hundreds of thousands of fighting age men from alien cultures, whom I and all tax-paying citizens, the retired included, are keeping well fed in comfortable hotels, while our own Service veterans, some with severe disabilities, are sleeping in doorways. A few years ago when I ventured to mention the inevitable Islamic takeover of the UK were we to continue with immigration as we were then, I was mocked. Now the situation is immeasurably worse, the ingress to England and the reproduction rate of adherents to the Religion of Peace having increased exponentially. Gvt. needs to be reminded, though, that the English (and traditional Welsh and Scottish) can be pushed a long way but when they’ve finally had enough they can rebel in rather a spectacular fashion. Peasants’ Revolt, Beheading a King who assumed absolutist power, not many years later beheading that King’s supplanter. Rather cheering this week, I thought, to see our democratically elected Representatives, few of whom ever even attempt to fulfil their pre-Election promises, so hot and bothered when they thought their sacrosanct House might be invaded by cultural aliens. Now they know how the majority of their Constituents feel!

  • A Thorpe

    I’m not convinced that Stillreading is correct about rebellions. Look what happened to Spartacus, and to Wat Tyler who was killed after being assured he would be safe. Look what happened to many who wanted their choice of religious worship. Look what happened when the German people supported Hitler when he promised and did put right the wrongs imposed by France and Britain in the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. Then the Kennedy bothers and Martin Luther King were assassinated for wanting peace. The controlling cabal always win in the end.

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