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How long before we’re a minority in our own country?

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The real Irish problem

In a recent blog, I quoted some figures from the Republc of Ireland. The Irish governmnent predicts the Irish population will increase by around 0ne million between 2020 and 2040.

The Irish population is currently around five million. Of these five million, around 80 percent – four million – are indigenous Irish. The Irish birth rate is around 1.9 children per woman, down from four children per woman in the 1960s and 1970s. The U.K. is at 1.8. But replacement level is 2.1 children per woman. The indigenous Irish population is actually declining. Even if the indigenous population remains stable, then, of the six million people who (the Irish Government predicts) will be living in Ireland by 2040, around two million – one in three ‘Irish’ – will be an immigrant, mostly from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. However, were the indigenous population to decline because of the falling birth rate and a long history of native Irish emigrating to the U.K. and other English-speaking countries in search of new opportunities, then by 2040 more than one in three ‘Irish’ would be foreign born.

I haven’t crunched the numbers. But I’m sure someone much smarter than myself can take Ireland’s current rate of immigration, the native Irish birth rates, the rates of Irish emigration and the birth rates of the immigrant communities and work out the date by which the Irish elites would have achieved their ambition of making the native Irish a minority in their own country. My personal feeling is that this fateful date for Ireland will be around 2060 – in just 37 years time.

Are the Irish aware that this is the future their political class has planned for them? I doubt it. Have the Irish ever voted for this? I doubt it.

What about England?

According to the 2021 Census, 81.7% of the population of England and Wales was white, 9.3% Asian, 4.0% black, 2.9% mixed and 2.1% from other ethnic groups. So already almost one in every five ‘English’ is from a non-white ethnic group. With a population of 56 million, England now has around 45 million ethnic English and 11 million from ethnic minorities. However, our government is importing around one million wonderful people every year. As some people are leaving the country, net migration is over 700,000 a year. As in Ireland, the birth rates of ethnic white English are below replacement rates. One can assume immigration will continue at its current level. After all, the fake-Tories’ refuse to reduce it and Labour will claim they have done a brilliant deal with the EU – in return for the lying French pretending to stop a couple of boats, Starmer will accept several hundred thouand illegals from the EU in addition to all those coming legally and all the illegals on boats across the Channel.   Then in ten years (by 2034) there will be around 42 million ethnic English and 18 million people from migrant backgrounds. Almost one in three ‘English’ will be non-English.

Add another ten years of current levels of migration (2044) and you probably have about 40 million ethnic English and 25 million people – almost 40% of the population – who mostly hate us, our country, our traditions, our history and our culture and who have absolutely no allegience to anything our country stands for.

So it looks like the English, just like the Irish, will be a minority in their country somewhere around 2060.

That’s not a great basis for social cohesion and economic growth.

It’s the cities which matter

But a population doesn’t need to be in a minority to lose control of its own country. Once migrants are majorities in the major cities, a country is lost. In London, ethnic English are already in a minority – 46.2% of residents identified with Asian, black, mixed or ‘other’ ethnic groups, and a further 17.0% with white ethnic minorities.

How about Birmingham? Some recent blurb from Birmingham City Council boasts ‘that the city’s ethnic minorities represent 51.4 per cent of the city’s population, making Birmingham one of the first super-diverse cities in the UK.’

Let’s all be thankful for our politicians making Birmingham ‘one of the first super-diverse cities in the UK’.

I could go on. But I think you get the picture by now. I’m not aware that any of our political parties put making the English a minority in their own country as part of their election manifestos. Yet, just as is happening in the Republic of Ireland, that’s what they’re doing.

To end here’s a clip from GB News of Tory MP Lee Anderson demanding the immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, takes action to reduce immigration. You only need to watch the first 2 minutes to see that all you get from Jenrick is waffle and obfuscation promising that the government might at some point in the future consider the possibility of maybe looking at ways in which immigration could be possibly reduced and that the government will then look at these and take action or not. Or to paraphrase – our useless fake-Tory government will do f*** all:

2 comments to How long before we’re a minority in our own country?

  • Carolyn

    Of course they’ll do stuff all. Here today, gone tomorrow – the blob know this and just ignores the government. There is absolutely no accountability nowadays. We are all stuffed.

  • A Thorpe

    It looks as if we are going to find out how the Māori, Aborigines and north American Indians felt when we arrived, took their land and oppressed them. The difference is that we have allowed and even encouraged this to happen to us.

    The first problems we have are that we don’t have enough houses for people born here, and priority is being given to housing immigrants. We also do not have enough jobs or growth in services to cater for them. This is of course because the government has taken control of everything and those in jobs have to pay more and more taxes to pay for it. The state has grown to a size where it is no longer sustainable because of the rapid growth in the population. The immigrant problem became worse because of the wars supported by the USA and Britain, but it was the EU in particular that opened the borders, and we have failed to take advantage of leaving.

    As you rightly say it is the cities which will see the problem first because that is where most immigrants are.

    Apart from the practical problems of housing and providing for them, you do not mention the cultural differences, especially religious differences. Tony Blair managed to eliminate England and the English. He gave the Welsh and the Scots a voice but took ours away. Welby and Charles seem to have given up on Christianity. It looks as though whites will not only be a minority, we will have to convert to Islam.

    As we will see from the climate crisis nonsense it is easy and quick to destroy what works, but it will be much harder to rebuild.

    The elites will have their secure compounds and hope to avoid what they are allowing to happen to us.

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