June 2024

Black lives matter. British lives don’t

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If it wasn’t for GB News and Talk TV, I wonder how long it would have taken for us to find out that the suspect in the Nottingham murders was a multi-cultural enricher from Africa.

Of course, there were clues that anyone who understands how biased our mainstream media are against Britain and white people would have picked up on. For a start, if the suspect had been white British, he would have been referred to as “a 31-year-old white man” by the BBC, ITV, C4 News and the rest of the media. Instead, he was just referred to as “a 31-year-old man”.

Secondly, if the suspect had been white, there would have been endless speculation about the terrifying rise in far-right extremism. Instead, the ‘mental health issues’ excuse was immediately and almost endlessly repeated by all mainstream media as they desperately tried to cover up that the man might have been inspired by our favouritest bestest religion.

Thirdly, most of the reporting in the mainstream media has been about the community in Nottingham “coming together”. I guess that’s a warning that it would be inappropriate for anyone to suggest that the multiculturalism, so beloved by the political, media and academic elites, has been a disaster for Britain.

And fourthly, here’s tweet from Nottingham police announcing that the suspect has been arrested:

You’ll notice that the hand in handcuffs is most certainly white. Yet the man arrested is more than suntanned. Good heavens, you don’t think that our rulers were deliberately trying to deceive us, do you?

He shouldn’t have taken our very best

But perhaps the most appalling aspect of the Nottingham murders was the quality of the people killed by the African piece of garbage who, like so many of his ilk, should probably never have been allowed into our country in the first place. One victim was a grandfather (the van driver) who had probably worked and paid taxes all his life and was just four months away from retirement. Another was the 19-year-old medical student who was also a gifted sportswoman and would have made a huge contribution to our country had she not been murdered by our African guest. The third was a 19-year-old history student who was described as “a talented sportsman, who played hockey, cricket and golf.”

As for our rulers, no doubt they’ll be shedding their fake crocodile tears and bleating the usual platitudes that the victims “will never be forgotten” and suchlike. But nobody in politics or the mainstream media will dare question whether our rulers’ policies of open borders to Third-world migration might be having a slightly detrimental effect on the quality of life in Britain. After all, to our UK-loathing rulers and our supine anti-British mainstream media, Black lives matter, British lives don’t,

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  • A Thorpe

    That needed to be said. I saw an appropriate quote from Margaret Thatcher on Instagram this morning: “We have harboured those who hated us, tolerated those who threatened us and indulged those who weakened us.”

  • Stillreading

    Relevant to yesterday’s blog rather than today’s, but worth stating as all part of the plan to subjugate the Great Unwashed – “Tower Block Tracey”, as that deplorable boss of ITV categorised the Channel’s typical female viewers when she appeared before a Select Committee earlier this week. (Presumably their male equivalents are “Tower Block Terrys”.) I mentioned yesterday that eggs, when available in the local ASDA, were just upwards of 20 p. each – except that there weren’t any. How out of touch I was! Today, in a different local small supermarket, the only remaining eggs are “organic”, coming in at 38p. per egg!! Despite this price, people have evidently been buying them, since only one box remained on the shelf. I’ve no idea whether or not there is a true reason – as distinguished from excuse – for this egg shortage, but I suspect we shall see more or it, with more of the staples of our daily diet, in the future, as we are being relentlessly conditioned to rationing in every area of our lives – air travel, power, food, personal transport, even fundamental freedom of movement as we become accustomed to incarceration in 15 minute cities, our every movement monitored by the phone we shall have no option but to carry, since without its record of our behaviour we shall be unable to go anywhere or purchase anything. Meanwhile, encouraged by Government and the MSM, lies proliferate. Sun and heat in summer are abnormal. Men can give birth. Women can possess male anatomical characteristics. Black is white. Etc. Etc. Finally, in the car park outside the GPs’ Surgery this morning the sheepie are queueing – “socially distanced” in the open air, would you believe! – for their 6th or 7th dose of the magic juice. The Jabathon is still in good shape!

  • Eric Legge

    Nicely put, Stilreading.

    The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, (1844 to 1900) not only predicted what is taking place now but he also predicted with his inimitable brevity how it would end. An ending that still looks to be on course to me.

    Here are two successive sections of his book “The Will to Power: Attempt at a Revaluation of All Values.”

    37 – Spring/fall 1887

    The development of pessimism into nihilism. – Denaturalisation of values. Scholasticism of values. Detached and idealistic values, instead of dominating and guiding action, turn against action and condemn it.

    Opposites replace natural degrees and ranks. Hatred against the order of rank. Opposites suit a plebeian age because easier to comprehend.

    The repudiated world versus an artificially-built “true, valuable one”. – Finally: one discovers of what material one has built the “true world”: and now all one has left is the repudiated world, and one adds this supreme disappointment to the reasons why it deserves to be repudiated.

    At this point, nihilism is reached: all that one has left are the values that pass judgement [in modern terms, political correctness, identity politics and wokery] – nothing else.

    Here the problem of strength and weakness originates:

    1. The weak perish of it;
    2. those who are stronger destroy what does not perish;
    3. those who are strongest overcome the values that pass judgement.

    In sum this constitutes the tragic age.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    In this very context, here is a highly informative article about the way the ‘Conservative’ government controls the public response to outrages committed by third-worlders –

  • Stillreading

    A tragic age indeed Eric Legge. Watching TV footage of the mutually supportive fathers of the murdered students lauding their dead children, then the mother of one of the murder victims asking the assembled multitude not to hate, I wondered whether I am abnormal, for I was and still am filled with hate on their behalf, plus a desire for vengeance. I know that were one of my precious grandchildren, currently at university, to suffer a similar fate at the hands of a vile, depraved import from an alien culture, who should never have been in the UK in the first place, I would not rest until I had by fair means or – probably – foul, taken revenge on the perpetrator. If it cost me everything I possess materially, plus my own remaining time alive, so be it. As a lifelong nominally, although not actively practising, Christian, I do in principle believe in the forgiveness of sins and have turned the other cheek and tried to forget a good few significant wounds inflicted on me over the years, some intentionally. However, the multiple of wounds, economically and culturally, now being systematically inflicted on the indigenous UK population by the Government sanctioned acceptance and subsequent dissemination throughout the country of mainly men of whose religious and cultural affiliations, countries of origin and intentions absolutely nothing is known, is wicked beyond belief. I know, because I discuss these issues with friends and neighbours, that the overwhelming majority of life-long UK citizens feel as do I. How long will it be before we have all been driven too far? Just what will it take to cause a wholesale uprising of raging citizenry not prepared to “go quietly into that goodnight”? It will be fightback or nihilism. Just a question of time.

  • Hardcastle

    An awful lot of us feel as you do Still reading.I feel that I have little left to lose and if such an event was to impact my family,there would be little forgiveness on my part and a quite natural desire for appropriate retribution.I,a peaceful,tax paying,patriotic,working individual,has been driven to despise the country of my birth and which my father fought in both world wars to preserve.

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