April 2017
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The map nobody would ever dare mention

Here’s a world map you have probably never seen.

It purports to show the average IQ of different countries and thus regions of the world:

Of course, if you dare mention research like this you’ll immediately be howled down by the progressive, we-know-best, immigration-enriches-us, holier-than-thou libtards. And if you have a job […]

Here are supposed “children” – but where are the real children?

(Easter weekend blog) Sometimes you have to laugh at how we are being taken for fools by the pleb-despising ruling elites.

You might remember how, about a year or so ago, the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, brain-dead, West-hating libtards mounted a campaign to pressure the Government into bringing supposed “child refugees” from the Calais Jungle camp into […]

Happy Easter to the New Europeans!

For my Easter Friday blog, I thought I’d just juxtapose four simple pictures.

The first two show how we welcome the ‘New Europeans’:

The second two show how the ‘New Europeans’ appreciate our welcome:

I’ll leave it to readers to judge whether there might be a small problem between […]

Should you force-feed granny? Or just let her starve to death?

One of my close relatives recently died a few weeks after suffering a serious stroke which left her partially paralysed and unable to speak or communicate in any way.

This made me aware of a pretty ghastly moral dilemma facing many families. If you Google “elderly dying of starvation” you’ll find that it is increasingly […]

Sweden is proud to be a new kind of country!

Here’s a very short Swedish government propaganda (sorry, I meant “information”) video.

It aims to convince dopey, boring, progressive, migrant-hugging, libtard Swedes that they must integrate with the invading Religion of Peace and Hatred armies and create a new kind of country – the New Sweden – that the whole world will envy.

It gives […]

Dear readers – we are not alone

Below is a link to an article on Breitbart featuring an interview with the head of Red Bull Racing.

It seems he has dared to say what my obscure, largely ignored website (snouts-in-the-trough) has being saying for years and what the cowed, Islamophiliac mainstream media has been afraid to say for years.

I think I’ll […]

Repeat after me – “It’s a religion of peace, it’s a religion of peace, it’s a…………”

Perhaps if you repeat something enough times, you’ll come to believe it?

That certainly seems to be the attitude of our progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou, libtard rulers. And every time there is a new attack by the Religion of Peace, Tolerance, Hatred and Violence, we hear the same repeated excuses – “psychologically disturbed”, “lone wolf”, “NTDWI” […]

Stockholm attack – who would have thunk it?

Good heavens! What a surprise! I’m totally gobsmacked! Not!!!

So, our friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Hate have decided to send a few dopey, progressive, migrant-hugging Swedes to Paradise using their latest weapon of choice – a hijacked lorry.

It’s difficult to resist the urge to scream “I told you so”. So, I […]

17-year-old child with younger brother who is 23 years old?

Yesterday I showed a photo of the supposedly “17-year-old Iranian child refugee” who was attacked by a group of thugs while waiting at a bus stop.

Being cynical and bigoted and a Little Englander and a waaaccciiissssttt, I cruelly suggested that the “17-year-old Iranian child refugee” might actually be slightly older than 17, that he […]

Farage confronts EU mafia about their greed and stupidity – and they don’t like it!

First, here’s a picture of the supposedly “17-year-old” Iranian “child refugee” who was recently attacked. If he’s only “17 years old”, then I’m the King of China:

At a guess, I’d say this “17-year-old child refugee” is actually about 25 years old. Or maybe 30? Who knows?

Strange as it may seem, […]