October 2016
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Don’t get fooled by the “Transformation” trick

Last night I appeared (rather briefly) in a BBC2 documentary – WHO’S SPENDING BRITAIN’S BILLIONS?

I made two appearances:

one was to explain how management consultants ‘land and expand’ in any organisation, especially the useless, incompetently-managed British public sector. The consultants get their foot in the door by offering to do a cheapish study on […]

Could you get your ‘interesting’ life story in a women’s magazine?

I can’t always write about too serious stuff every day. So I thought some readers might be mildly interested in what kind of stories you need to have if you want your ‘interesting’ life to be featured in a women’s magazine.

As I very occasionally get an article in a newspaper, here’s an […]

Pope makes abject surrender to the invaders

On the one side of the great clash of civilisations, we have a tired, economically-stagnant, increasingly agnostic and atheist West ruled by a corrupt cabal of bankers and their political puppets.

On the other side we have 1.2 billion followers of a supremacist, intolerant, violent death cult. Of course, only about 20% to 30% of […]

Can we believe the Goldman Sachs “destroy Trump” campaign?

As the US election hots up, we’re getting plenty of coverage of Trump’s alleged groping from the mainstream media. But journalists seem to have totally forgotten about Bill Clinton’s behaviour, including alleged rape, as they all root for crooked Hillary.

I, of course, don’t know whether the stories about Trump are true or not. But […]

Britain doesn’t want the Christians either

America doesn’t want the Christians

About a week ago, I wrote a blog explaining how the USA is taking in followers of the Religion of Peace in preference to giving refuge to the Middle East’s persecuted Christians.

Before the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, 74% of the Syrian population were Sunnis, 13% were Shias, […]

Fancy a shopping trip to France?

It’s my understanding that this short (1 minute) video clip shows some gimmegrant locust scum (sorry, slip of the finger, I meant “highly-educated engineers and brain surgeons newly arrived in France”) on a shopping trip to their local supermarket:

Naturally, because we must respect their culture, these charming people won’t be required to pay […]

Are all NHS managers incompetent? Or just most of them?

Having given up after waiting almost two hours for a blood test at Christchurch Hospital Trust yesterday, I’d like to return to a theme regular readers are probably tired of – the utter uselessness of our NHS management.

When recidivist liar and (IMHO) war criminal Tony Blair and his idiotic, economically-illiterate chancellor Gordon Brown were […]

You’d better buy a ‘dashcam’!!

Today I wanted to write about a great new craze sweeping Sweden, land of ABBA, blond girls and endless pine forests. The craze is popular among the ‘new Swedes’ and is called “cripple-raping”.

But then I came across a brief video clip of another craze brought to us by the new arrivals to our continent- […]

“Cursed is the man who speaketh the truth!”

“Cursed is the man who speaketh what he believeth to be the truth. For he shall be cast out from his job and pilloried by those that liveth in the Valley of Political Correctness and he shall be reviled by the gullible sheeple and the politically-craven police will smite him and he shall forever be […]

Kim Kardashian’s many talents

The Kim Kardashian mystery

A few days ago, I wrote about the horrific jewellery robbery in Paris in which the world’s most talented and famous woman was reportedly relieved of over $5m of bling.

Of course, we don’t know if this was a real robbery, a desperate publicity stunt by a celeb afraid of her […]