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Hottest June on record?

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(Apologies to those who have read my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS as most of what I write below comes from my book))

In my blog of Friday 14 June, I predicted: “

“As we all shiver in the autumnal weather during what is meant to be summer and some of us have even turned our central heating back on, there is one certainty – in a few weeks time, the liars at the lying Met Office will tell us that we’ve just had the “warmest June on record”. After all, the Met Office made the same claim about appalling April and miserable May. What will be intriguing will be what mathematical contortions the Met Office will use to justify their preposterous nonsense”.

I then went on to suggest three possible tricks the Met Office would use to claim that June was the hottest ever.

  • Trick 1 – will the Met Office have the gall to say that June in the UK was the warmest on record even though we all know it wasn’t?
  • Trick 2 – will the Met Office choose somewhere which had decent weather – perhaps Greece or India – to justify their climate catastrophism?
  • Trick 3 – will the Met Office instead try to fob us off by claiming that, although June in the UK was a disaster, global temperatures (if such a thing can even be measured) were at record levels?

Well, it seems that the Met Office have decided to use ‘Trick 3’ this time – claim that global temperatures were at record levels: “globally, Earth sizzled its way through the hottest June on record, according to scientists at the EU’s climate change programme.

The key words are “on record”. What the ‘scientists’ use as the start of records this time is the year 1980 – a few years after satellites began to be used to measure the Earth’s temperature. Before the 1970s, there was no way of measuring the Earth’s temperature. But let’s remind ourselves of what happened to the Earth’s climate in the 1960s and 1970s:

Temperatures were so low that even the climate-catastrophist Guardian newspaper predicted a new Ice Age:

Crop failures and mass starvation were expected:

The CIA was commissioned to write a report for the US President about the consequences of the coming Ice Age:

And the experts worried that the global cooling would never stop:

Of course, the predicted Ice Age never happened and, quite naturally, the cooling 1960s and 1970s have been followed by a period of warming. The supposed ‘scientists’ have never got around to explaining to us how global temperatures could have cooled for around 20 years in the 1960s and 1970s while levels of atmospheric CO2 were increasing. I guess that’s a question we’re not supposed to ask otherwise we might conclude that the climate king has no clothes.

Moreover, there are strong indications that the scorching hot 1920s and 1930s were much hotter than today’s supposedly ‘record temperatures:

It was predicted that sea levels would rise 40 feet and half of England would disappear beneath the waves:

Just to conclude, there’s one more chart which suggests that the 1920s and 1930s, when atmospheric CO2 levels were the lowest they’ve been in the last 100 or so years, were much hotter than today’s supposedly ‘record’ temperatures. That’s the chart of the acreage of forest fires in the US:

Was 2024 really, as the ‘scientists’ claim, the hottest June since records began?

2 comments to Hottest June on record?

  • A Thorpe

    I have never been clear what satellite temperatures really are. They are determined from radiation and have to be converted to a temperature. In the past temperatures came from Stevenson screens and measured temperature a bit over a metre from the surface. What are the satellites measuring when they are compared to the historical data? Do satellites measure the actual surface temperatures because they will be higher and depend on the surface material. The same with sea temperatures, what do they measure. In the past ships were measuring sea temperatures, not the temperature of air above the sea. So how can those be used with land temperatures measured above the surface. It looks like complete confusion whatever method is used.

    What is an average temperature? It doesn’t exist as a physical quantity because temperatures cannot be added to produce a total. Temperatures are intensive variables so the temperature of subsystems cannot be added, unlike mass and length. Even without this, how can it make any sense to add the temperatures of the poles to those at the equator to produce something meaningful. Even worse is to then assume that changes to the average can mean something for the earth’s climate.

    This is what happens when politicians get involved and the “expert” journalists. Politicians pay academics to produce the lies they want us to believe. It works for most people. The profit from the policies as a result of the lies is enormous and so is the economic damage for us.

    There are still no emails being sent out to inform us of new postings and it has been like this for weeks.

  • loppoman

    Our heating’s been on most of June.

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