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Rape gangs? Don’t mention the Religion of Peace!

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Are Israelis really into gang rape?

There was an unpleasant story last week about the alleged gang rape of a British girl on holiday in Cyprus. The headline in the Daily Mail was:

EXCLUSIVE: British woman, 20, ‘gang raped by five Israelis’ in Cyprus ‘was forcefully dragged’ into hotel room and has injuries consistent with an attack

The Daily Mail article included the word ‘Israelis’ five times

In the Daily Telegraph, the headline was:

Five detained in Cyprus after British woman accuses them of gang-rape: Alleged victim says she was sexually assaulted by a group of Israeli men while on holiday in Ayia Napa

And the words ‘Israel’ or ‘Israeli’ were also mentioned five times.

The BBC told us:

Israelis held in Cyprus over alleged rape

and the BBC mentioned the words ‘Israel’ or Israeli’ five times

The Guardian reported:

Five detained in Cyprus after British woman accuses them of gang-rape: Alleged victim says she was sexually assaulted by a group of Israeli men while on holiday in Ayia Napa

Again, there were five mentions of the words ‘Israel’ or ‘Israeli’.

The emphasis on the alleged rapists being ‘Israelis’ and ‘Israeli nationals’ made me a bit suspicious. Of course, I realise that young men on 4S (sun, sea, sand and sex) holidays can sometimes go a little wild. But, apart from very orthodox Jews, Israel is a fairly sexually liberated country and young Israeli Jewish men may not be the most likely suspects to be involved in gang rapes. So, I did a little research and in the English language version of a local Cyprus newspaper, I found the following:

The group of suspects, all Arab-Israelis from Majd-al Krum, a town located ten miles from Acre, steadfastly maintains that the encounter was consensual.

Moreover, although the men argued that the sex was “consensual”, a further report in the Daily Mail informed us that: Gang-raped Brit’s five attackers were caught trying to clean blood off hotel room floor after her sex assault’, Cyprus police claim as court hears harrowing new details of attack.

Doesn’t sound very ‘consensual’ to me.

Why no mention of our favourite religion?

The reporting of this story could seem to have one important detail in common with the reporting of ‘Asian’ rape gangs in Britain – nobody dares mention the religion of the rapists. In fact, with both the Cyprus rape and the UK rapes, the journalists seem to be deliberately trying to obscure the background of the rapists – in the Cyprus story the fact that the alleged rapists were Israelis is stressed again and again and in the UK stories we’re repeatedly told the rape gangs are “Asian” when we all know what their real background is.

A few years ago, there was a similar story of 18-year-old British girl being gang-raped by 12 Israeli men in Cyprus. Then the alleged rapists were freed and the girl was accused of making up the story. At the time: “The charges against the Israelis were dropped and they flew home to a heroes’ welcome, popping bottles of champagne at Ben Gurion Airport, embracing their families and chanting “the Brit is a whore”.

Given that the alleged rapists could have been Jewish Israelis or Arab Israelis, I’ll leave it up to readers to decide which societal group are most likely to have welcomed home the alleged rapists as heroes and chanted: “the Brit is a whore”.

And finally, there was another gang rape story of a British girl in Magaluf, this time by ‘French men’. I have seen photos of these ‘French’ men being arrested. One is definitely of African origin. And, although the faces of the others are blurred, the men look to me as if their names are more likely to be Ahmed or Abdul or M*hamm*d rather than Jean-Pierre or Luc or Christophe. Perhaps one journalist, forced by his or her politically-correct bosses to refer to the alleged rapists as being ‘French’, did try to hint at the truth when the journalist wrote that two of the men were ‘French residents’?

Who knows what the truth is? Our politically-correct mainstream media are very careful to not mention our favourite religion when reporting violent gang rape stories.

4 comments to Rape gangs? Don’t mention the Religion of Peace!

  • david brown

    The Daily Mail two weeks ago run a story about Geronimo the Alpaca the story was moderated and only comments that supported the article where allowed

  • A Thorpe

    Shouldn’t we more concerned about the degeneracy at many Mediterranean party towns? On checking about Aya Napa I found a similar report in The Guardian from January 2020 and the case of another British teenager who accused 12 Israeli men of raping her in 2019. After an police interview without a lawyer she retracted her claims and the men were released. The men were chanting “the Brit is a whore” at the airport. She was charged with “public mischief” and spent a month in jail.

    Why would any sane person go to these places knowing what goes on?

  • Carolyn

    I’m confused! wasn’t there a story a few years ago about a British girl being gang raped by a bunch of Israeli lads in Cyprus. Very similar story except if I remember rightly she wasn’t believed and the boys were able to scarper back to Israel without any repercussions. Once is bad enough, for the same thing to happen twice is a bit sinister imo.

  • Carolyn

    Sorry that’ll teach me to read your blog in full before posting! Just seen your mention of the old story!

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