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This is a Khan-spiracy – and I can prove it

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(I’ll leave this up for three days as it’s actually quite important. Please feel free to send the link to anyone you feel might find this slightly enlightening or anyone who believes that our rulers are acting in our best interests)

There’s a quite a lot of heat and noise being generated at the moment about London Mayor Khan’s expanded ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) which is supposed to start at the beginning of this week. But what nobody seems to have noticed is that Khan’s ULEZ is just a very small part of a much larger programme to control how our rulers believe we should live our lives.

Khan’s ULEZ is part of the C40 programme:

C40 is a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis. It was founded in 2005 as C20, and has since expanded to its current network of 96 cities, including London.

Here’s a link to the C40 website, in case you think I’m making this up:

Here’s an overview of what the mayors of the 96 C40 cities are planning for us:

(please left-click on image then left-click again to see more clearly the future Mr Khan and his C40 chums have planned for us)

It’s the usual measures to make our lives poorer, more restricted, more miserable and more controlled by our rulers:

  • buying fewer clothes each year and making those clothes last longer
  • eating less meat and fewer dairy products
  • taking fewer flights
  • ‘enhancing building utilisation’ which could sound a lot like squeezing ever more people into ever smaller homes
  • reduced car ownership and reduced travel by car
  • making all our technological devices last longer – does that mean restrictions on how often we can buy new devices as part of our ‘individual carbon budgets’?

And guess who is the C40 Chair?

(left-click on image then left-click again to see more clearly)

Yup. it’s our most favouritest and admired mayor – Mayor Khan:

Many people have been wondering why Mayor Khan is implementing the ULEZ expansion when not only Londoners but also several Labour politicians (including the IMHO gutless Starmer) seem to be against it, blaming it for Labour’s failure to win the Uxbridge by-election.

Well, hopefully you are now aware that the expanded ULEZ is just a tiny part of a much larger globalist agenda which looks suspiciously like a form of climate-catastrophist lockdown for us ‘useless eaters’. So, it should be clear why Mayor Khan is driving this through in spite of the howls of opposition and in spite of the doubts of his own Labour Party.

There’s a lot more I could write about the C40 Cities assault on our lifestyles. But you can go to the C40 website if you’d like more information. However, there’s just one thing I should add – I found it interesting to look at who is actually funding this horror story. Here’s a link to the funders page:

Major funders include eco-organisations such as The Climateworks Foundation, Global Environmental Facility, The Climate Change Collaboration and The European Climate Foundation; governments such as the UK Goverment, the German Government and the Danish Government and foundations set up by billionaires such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, IKEA, The Hewlett Foundation, Fondation L’Oréal, Google and pharma company Novo Nordisk. Moreover, there is one more major funder which surely deserves a special mention – The Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations website explains “George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations. He has given away more than $32 billion of his personal fortune to fund the Open Society Foundations’ work around the world.”

So who is Mayor Khan really working for when he implements his expanded ULEZ as part of his C40 agenda? Londoners? The Labour Party? Or the eco-fanatics and the multi-billionaire Davos globalists? I’ll leave you to decide.

7 comments to This is a Khan-spiracy – and I can prove it

  • Carolyn

    Wow!I I’m into reading dystopian fiction at the moment and I’d far rather be living in one of those post-apocalyptic futures than our current existence, watching these people destroy our way of life and unable to do anything about it.

    I’m guessing Sturgeon and Drayford are members of the C40? Devolution is possibly Tony Blair’s biggest mistake! Allowing these tin-pot dictators to destroy their fiefdoms.

  • Paul Chambers

    Lefties like Khan all seem to prefer their own eco chambers and the hypocrisy seems disgusting to me but others fail to notice. But time will tell how Londoners take to being ripped off and how many cotton on that this is a journey. If not affected directly yet by ulez expansion they will be in the future unless they jump through all the hoops created by our new overlords. Of course they also fail to realise that endless layers of regulations strangle the economy so indirectly they are already paying a high price for Khan.

  • A Thorpe

    I didn’t know about this, but the information above says it was created to combat climate change. In discussions about ULEZ the supporters say it is not about climate and that it is about children’s health. But charging people does not reduce emissions. I notice they use the term “fair share” without saying how they arrive at that. Apparently it was Boris who initiated this idea. More confirmation that there is no difference between the parties and none are working for our benefit.

    It is interesting that C40 was created by three philanthropic organisations. Did you look at the staff? 18 pages of smug, wealthy looking people, with grand job titles. Chairman Khan is obviously showing why he has the job by doing more than others.

    This is another example of corrupted climate science being used to drive government policies. In addition apparently Khan has found scientists to lie about the health benefits. I noticed that Vivek Ramaswamy said he believed that the climate change agenda was a hoax at the Milwaukee meeting to audience howls of protest. The masses don’t understand science and propaganda that simplifies it for them, with more propaganda on what the authorities will do to save them, is working.

    Perhaps with ULEZ the tide is turning with cameras and signs being vandalised. I found a website about the elites struggle for power with a huge amount of information which I have to read. It has a pyramid chart called Feudalism Then and Now. On the left side is Medieval Feudalism topped by monarchs, landed gentry, clergy, merchants, vassals and then everyone else. On the right is Corporate Feudalism topped with central bank owners, big bankers, corporate elites, politicians, bureaucrats, professionals and then everyone else. Everyone else is shown as 98.5% of the population. We have always been controlled, but the people doing it have changed along with the methods used. I found it on

  • Alan Smith

    Looks lik this is being blocked by MSM – Ive mentioned this also on Spectator and my comments have been held for verification for over an hour! What on Earth is this country coming to – I just despair!

  • david brown


  • Jeffrey Palmer

    ULEZ, and all Khan’s other anti-car measures, have nothing whatsoever to do wit air quality.

    There are two agendas going on here.

    Firstly, Khan sees himself as the next Labour party leader once the far Left get rid of Sir Kneel. To this end, his policies are designed to keep him constantly in the national media headlines, and to ingratiate him with as many of Labour’s far-Left factions as possible. After all, Khan figures that if a plonker like Boris Johnson can make the transition from London Mayor to Prime Minister, why can’t he?

    Secondly, the ‘Conservative’ party is quite delighted to allow Khan to take the blame from ‘Conservative’ supporters for implementing its very own ‘Net Zero’, anti-motorist measures without incurring any of the odium themselves. If the ‘Conservatives’ wanted to stop Khan doing this, or even to abolish the Blair-instituted post of London Mayor, they could have done so quite easily. But guess what – he’s happily doing their job for them. That’s precisely why Central Office has never bothered putting a credible Mayoral candidate up against Khan.

  • david brown

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