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The next English Civil War?

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More BBC  climate lies

On BBC Breakfast this morning (Monday 24 July), we were warned that the temperature in Catania could reach “a record 48°C”. But here’s a link to the BBC’s own weather forecast for Catania for the next week or so:

As you’ll see, the forecast is for “sunny with a gentle breeze” and the temperatures in the official BBC forecast go nowhere near “a record 48°C”. In fact, temperatures in Catania are forecast to get cooler over the next few days.

Just more BBC climate catastrophist lies to overdramatise supposed climate change?

Fugue for a Darkening Island

I’ve just finished reading a dystopian novel titled Fugue for a Darkening Island. It was first published in 1972 and then updated and republished in 2011. Apparently it’s quite well-known. So if you already know about it, apologies that I have come so late to the party.

The story is: there has just been a series of droughts and famines in Africa which have led to several wars there. A few African states have managed to get hold of nuclear weapons and this has resulted in many millions of deaths and large areas of the continent becoming uninhabitable. Inevitably this has led to the migration of millions of Africans to safer countries, including Britain. At first the Afrims (African migrants) are welcomed and housed in disused army camps. But soon they start forming militias and taking over large areas of British cities and towns, expelling (often violently) the previous occupants.

Before long civil war breaks out. Liberal, refugee-welcoming parts of the military and police join the Afrims. Others remain loyal to the nationalist government. And others join different local warlords. Looting, rape, murder and slaughter become widespread. The unfolding chaos is told through the experiences and thoughts of Alan Whitman, a former college lecturer living in unhappy marriage with his wife and daughter in London, until the mounting violence prompts them to leave. Gradually, they find there is no escape from the chaos into which Britain is descending, and Whitman’s efforts to effect some kind of moral neutrality are forced by events to come to nothing, as he loses everything he holds dear.

Dystopian fiction or our future?

Could something like this happen in Britain? If we have 5 to 10 million people coming to our country who reject our society, reject our values, hate our freedoms, loathe us and want to impose their value system on us, can we avoid conflict?

This is unlikely to happen in my lifetime. But as our children and grandchildren jump on every trendy, anti-west, woke, virtue-signalling bandwagon – from climate change to critical race theory to white privilege to transgenderism to compensation for slavery to post-colonial guilt etc etc – that happens to be passing, I wonder if they have really thought through how handing over our country to people from completely different cultures who despise us could end?

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  • Carolyn

    “Could something like this happen in Britain?“ absolutely in my opinion. Like you, I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime but given the longevity of my family members it worries me that I could still be alive and that I will be too decrepit to do anything but watch on in horror.

    I recently finished a dystopian novel along the same lines as Darkening island, the only difference being the chief protagonist was transgender! Didn’t add anything to the storyline but the author clearly felt it was necessary. Draw your own conclusions.

    I also refer you to Lionel Shriver’s “Should we stay or should we go”. One of the chapters is based on the couple being obliged to take in immigrants, it starts with them having to live in the attic as there’s no room left in the house and ends with them being murdered by their lodgers as that would mean two less mouths to feed. That story has haunted me since I read it.

  • A Thorpe

    The issue is that we can live in a multiracial society but not a multicultural society, especially when the dominant culture is constantly under attack, and not necessarily by immigrants. In addition to a culture, a nation must have secure borders, which we no longer have. In Europe the problem has been created by the EU and its main intention has always been to destroy the identities of the individual nations. It is communism through the back door.

    I think one of the reasons the Romans were so successful is that they didn’t try to change cultures, especially religions. In the days of pagan gods, although gods were given different names they were recognised as the same god and the Romans didn’t force their names on the regions they conquered. The Romans also brought many benefits to the conquered countries.

    This all changed with Christianity and Islam. Now apparently we have one God with different rules for different religious groups and it has brought continual conflict. Religion is a curse on civilised society and especially when the church got involved and exercised control over populations that had nothing to do with faith and which opposed free speech. We are in this situation now with our supposed democratically elected governments. They care nothing about us, the society we live in, and especially our freedoms. They want total control over us and anything that disrupts society is used by them. The elites will have their secure compounds for protection, or so they believe.

    Change has never happened quickly in the past but our modern communications and social media were not available to spread propaganda and it makes it much easier for groups of people to collect based on ideologies, which have effectively become like a religious faith. Control could be lost very quickly in my view. When coin clipping was used it was obvious that money, which had a value, was being devalued. Now with worthless notes it seems that few people can see that the inflation that results from money printing results in worthless money. The increasing debt cannot be sustained. Britain declined when the dollar replaced the pound as the reserve currency. Are we going to see the dollar replaced by a new currency created by the East? That will bring economic chaos.

  • david brown

    A Thorpe – you are right about the coming demise of the dollar as the reserve currency. What will replace it ?
    Just another currency which I doubt would be the euro .
    It needs to be a means of buying and selling globally. Might turn out to involve a three digit number without which no one (or nation) can buy or sale.

  • Stillreading

    Excellent video by historian Neil Oliver, very recently posted, on the subject of the current alleged “Climate Catastrophe”. It can be found on YouTube. He gives some fascinating facts about past heat waves, the earliest recorded around 627 AD, when springs in France & Germany ran dry, through 1304/5 when the Seine, Loire and Rhine dried so that people could walk across them, to Paris in 1846 when the temperature reached 51.6 Celsius. Others too. Fascinating facts, demonstrating how both utterly ridiculous but also supremely arrogant it is to believe that we insignificant humans, existing ant-like on our tiny planet, can affect in any way the activity and unpredictability of that great ball of fire 93 million miles away, into which our tiny globe could (according to that website to which we all refer for bizarre information) fit 1,300,000 times. The situation to which Carolyn alludes could, I fear, prove horribly prescient. We’ve all heard of the “bedroom tax” where Council tenants are being taxed for inhabiting accommodation considered too large for their needs. I foresee a situation where those of us deemed to occupy homes larger than we need are given a choice between homing an illegal Channel hopper of suffering imposition of an extortionate Council Tax “supplement”. There is, after all, a precedent for billeting “guests” on householders. It happened with the London evacuees in 1940/41. That was very different of course. They were children, and “our own” and people like my mother – alone because my father was in the Army – were eager to “do their bit”. Not now though! Would TPTB dare? Possibly. I am rapidly concluding that nothing is beyond the current clutch of Elected deplorables.

  • Stillreading

    I see on the MSN Newspage that Greek firefighters are now stating that the disastrous wildfires on Rhodes were started by arson. Quelle Surprise! Either that or via discarded fag-ends, glass or disposable BBQs.

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