April 2024

The world is laughing at the West’s stupidity

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My book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – has recently been published in South Korea:

It has been translated and adapted for the Korean market by a Korean professor at a technical university and has been titled CLIMATE APOCALYPSE The Greatest scam in human history

But sales of the book in South Korea have been slow. I guess there could be many reasons for this. They could include:

  • my book is a load of nonsense that only an imbecile would buy
  • South Koreans are so stupid that they don’t realise we are facing a climate apocalypse caused by human CO2 emissions
  • South Koreans are so smart that they know the climate catastrophists’ claims are a load of nonsense and have no intention of committing economic suicide because of some ludicrous Armageddon fantasy

Let’s look at a few charts to try to see what’s going on.

The world

First up is world CO2 emissions:

They seem to be going up and up and up as if most countries are blissfully unaware of the warnings from today’s greatest climate scientists – Greta Thunberg, Prince Harry, a bunch of private-jet-owning Hollywood luvvies and Al Gore.

European Union

Now let’s look at the EU’s CO2 emissions:

And the EU’s share of world GDP:

Oh dear, I wonder if the EU’s falling CO2 emissions and falling share of world GDP could be in any way related?

United Kingdom

What about the UK? Here are our CO2 emissions:

And here is our share of world GDP:

Could these two charts be in any way related?

South Korea

How about South Korea? Here are South Korea’s CO2 emissions:

And here is South Korea’s share of global GDP:

It’s the same the whole world over

I could go on showing charts for the USA, Canada, China and India and Vietnam and anywhere else. But they all show a similar picture – countries with rising CO2 emissions have a rising share of world GDP and countries cutting CO2 emissions have a falling share of global GDP.

I think this is telling us something.

Many western countries claim they are successfully cutting CO2 emissions in the supposed ‘race to net zero’. But they’re not cutting emissions, they’re just exporting them making developing countries richer whilst impoverishing themselves

As for why South Koreans aren’t buying my book – maybe it’s because they’re too smart to buy the climate catastrophists’ doomsday predictions and have no wish to follow the West’s example by impoverishing themselves to fight a demon – anthropogenic climate change – that doesn’t even exist?

11 comments to The world is laughing at the West’s stupidity

  • Carolyn

    Re your book sales in South Korea, have you considered option d. They’re only looking at the main title “Climate Apocalypse” and assuming it’s another diatribe from a climate catastrophist?
    Just a thought. I would stop reading at that point.

  • david draig

    I’m afraid I had nothing to do with the Korean title. I sold the translation rights and the Korean publisher can then use whatever title he believes is best for his market.

  • A Thorpe

    In the west some of us despair at the stupidly we see around us. This morning I’m finding it difficult to get a video out of my mind that I saw earlier on Instagram. It was of a large children’s playgroup with parents present enjoying a performance of drag queens, some almost naked. Degeneracy and stupidity go together and there is no rolling this back until those promoting have to face the consequences of what they are doing. The rest of us will have to suffer until it happens. Yesterday we had a teachers strike here. The children were out in force when they should have been at home studying. A Douglas Murray view comes to mind – in the west we have educated imbecility.

  • Carolyn

    It’s worse than that! I was watching gbnews or talk tv while they discussed this disgusting spectacle and the “left wing” member of the panel, a young woman, couldn’t see anything wrong with it. WHAAAT!!!! Needless to say the debate got quite heated.
    But seriously how could she not see what an abomination it was? A man wearing a jock strap shoving his groin in babies faces. Unbelievable. Some spokesperson claimed it was ok as the babies didn’t know what was going on. Well why do it at all then?

  • Stillreading

    The disgusting video was shown and discussed on GBNews last night. That anyone should for a moment consider an almost naked man disporting himself with his sexual apparatus clad only in the briefest of “thongs”, appropriate entertainment for little children, some no more than toddlers, is deplorable. As a culture the West is becoming increasingly degenerate. The erstwhile scientifically, socially, artistically (in its widest sense), medically advanced West scarcely deserves any longer to survive. Except, of course, that the silent majority, as typified by those who respond to this blog, can see the dangers and the younger amongst them (if there are any) may just stage a revolt before it’s too late. As for educating imbecility, I recently learned that whereas a few decades ago every Secondary School teacher was required to hold a Degree in his or her subject – essential surely to teach up to A Level – that requirement has been quietly dropped. Any Tom, Dick, Jill or Jane who holds a minimum below Degree standard qualification in a subject (An “A” or even an “O” Level) can get a job teaching in a secondary school. Furthermore, once “in” they are quite likely to be moved sideways to teach other subjects as well. The Heads like them of course. They are cheaper and can replace properly qualified teachers who are either about to retire anyway or can be quietly eased out on some prefabricated excuse such as “inappropriate conduct”, or “racism”. No wonder our education standards are heading South at an exponential rate!

  • Hardcastle

    I retired from secondary teaching in 2007 after 38 years and I have to say I enjoyed my career.In my later years it was quite common for female ex pupils to re emerge as classroom assistants.They were often very able students who had gone into employment at 16 (not uncommon then,before everyone going to uni’,then married,had a family and returned to employment.They usually had 6 good o levels and were far more able than many of the young teachers,but paid a pittance in comparison.I do not think I could last 5 minutes now,in the shambles they call education.

  • Hardcastle

    Do not worry David,net zero is already approaching the realities which will see its demise.Unfortunately it will cause us all a lot of pain,financially and socially.Things will probably get quite nasty,civil unrest is almost guaranteed but probably the only way, these evil people can be stopped

  • Stillreading

    The Dutch cattle farmers are working themselves up, quite justifiably, to a good, hot, rebellious rage! Good luck to them. In a world with an ever expanding population in need of food, they produce some of the best first-class protein available, yet have been instructed by the Dutch government to cease or severely reduce production of beef and dairy produce. Either stop or severely curtail your activities, thereby bankrupting yourself, or we will confiscate the land you own, which in many cases has been in your family for generations. How DARE a government arbitrarily decide to issue an ultimatum on this ruinously destructive scale to farmers about their own land? This is dystopian government on a grand scale, worthy of Orwell or Atwood at their best. All done at least partly one assumes on the say-so of an ignorant, self-opiniated, immature Swedish adolescent (I was about to say schoolgirl, but she didn’t go to school did she? Association with normal teenage girls would have been too much for her tender susceptibilities.) In our own tiny little bit of Europe (Europe, NOT the “EU”) I await with interest the actual implementation of Mayor Khan’s extended ULEZ. It’s probable that tens of thousands of people who live within what will be its boundary have not yet realized just what is about to hit them in terms of fines every time they start the engine in their “non-compliant” vehicles. It is at least heartening to learn that a number of boroughs within the extended zone are refusing to permit the installation of Mayor Khan’s cameras. I understand from friends who reside within what will be the new ULEZ that cameras are sprouting like obnoxious weeds on every road. Hardcastle is right. The pain has in fact already started. Power costs for a start, inexcusable when we have coal and shale gas under our own land. Net Zero as proposed in the UK, when even now we produce only around 1% of total world CO emissions, is idiocy on a scale which would be unimaginable had the move towards it not have already started. Of course, it’s the “common man” (and woman) who will suffer. It is we who will be confined to the hideous Fifteen Minute Cities, living on insects and weeds. Can any of us mere mortals see the likes of Boris and Sunak and Sir Kneel complying? No! Thought not! They’d do well to remind themselves that even the mildest worm – and we are inherently a mild nation – can turn eventually. Or even in extremis perhaps transmogrify into a viper!

  • tomsk

    But they’re not cutting emissions, they’re just exporting them making developing countries richer whilst impoverishing themselves
    China/Russia/NK/Iran etc are just biding their time. China who only allows virtuous uplifting stuff on their own Tik Tok platform must be rubbing their hands with glee at what they see on the wests version of Tik Tok meanwhile they collect data and spy on its users. When the islamic hordes were gathering outside of Byzantium the politicians and elders were to busy discussing the eye colour of the virgin and how many angels could dance on the end of a pin. Now we are discussing what a woman is.

  • Stillreading

    Totally accurate tomsk. And yes, it goes without saying that the net zero ambitions of the West’s governments is merely resulting in the exporting of carbon emissions to countries with more sense and more determination to maintain their economies and increase manufacturing output. It’s profoundly dishonest, downright immoral, for the UK Government or anyone else to pretend otherwise. As for the child labour used to get out of the ground the minerals which are essential for the manufacture of enormous batteries needed for electric cars, nothing, absolutely NOTHING can excuse this. Why aren’t the BLM lot shouting and protesting against this instead of clamouring for the destruction of the West’s cultural heritage? I rage with inner fury every time some virtue-signalling greenie extolls the benefits of electric cars. That as a nation we should be so uncaring in this specific area of child exploitation indicates, I suppose, that collectively we are not “a nation of child lovers”. Well, we know that we are not, as evidenced by the collusive “looking the other way” by the authorities at the wholesale abuse of girls, some still children, by the grooming gangs. I guess if dogs were being exploited to mine the minerals or were being
    abused by gangs of any ethnic origin, the population would rise up in outrage. I am too old to need to worry overmuch about being personally affected by the systematic destruction of a country – England – whose history I have studied all my life and of which I was once so proud to be a citizen and for the survival of which my father and my grandfathers all fought in two World Wars. My grandchildren all give indications that they have been pretty thoroughly indoctrinated into Net Zero ideology, yet at the same time they evidently relish all that Western progress has given them. I do wonder how they will react when the reality of insect burghers in place of a tasty steak, 15 minute cities, loss of personal transport, inability to fly to the sun for a holiday, loss of all the “stuff” they currently take for granted, hits them. Interesting times ahead. Which reminds me of the old Chinese blessing – May you not live in Interesting Times.

  • Dunnerdoitmon

    I know the article is about climate change but comments from A Thorpe, Carolyn and others gave me an idea.

    Educationalists who don’t accept that there are only two genders should be made by law, to attend secondary school classes in biology. They should be made sit with 11 to 13 year old pupils and taught the differences between the two sexes. Areas such as basic genetics and differences in physical characteristics, biochemistry, water and fat distribution, hormones and psychology should be covered.

    Those who refuse should be sacked from their jobs, but only after being given the option of wearing a pointed hat with the letter “D” on it and being made to stand in the corner. Allowing television cameras into the classroom might also be a good idea and good entertainment for the rest of us.

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