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Our useless, lying politicians talk big and deliver nothing

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The invasion that gets ever worse

Hopefully you’ll all have seen this chart:

How many migrants cross the English Channel in small boats? - BBC News


For the last few years our various Home Secretaries have all promised and promised and promised to reduce the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel. The result – a massive increase every year. The solution is simple – they are coming from a safe country (France) and so they have no right to claim asylum in the UK. According to international agreements, the UK has the right to deport every single migrant within 24 hours of their arrival here.

Mass deportations would soon stop the migrant invasion as the migrants would have paid people smugglers thousands for nothing. But instead our politicians scramble to find sufficient 4- and 5-star hotels to house the illegals at a cost to us of over £7m a day – over £2.5bn a year.


The NHS money-wasting monstrosity

Every year we’re told that our NHS (which is supposedly the envy of the world) needs more money and more staff. And every year it gets ever more billions from us and thousands more staff. Yet the health service in England carried out 600,000 fewer procedures in the first nine months of 2022, compared to the same period in 2019 even though its budget grew by nearly £30billion over the same period. In the first 9 months of 2019 the NHS completed 12.4 million procedures. In 2022 this fell to 11.8 million:


Yet the NHS in England has 13% more doctors — including 10% cent more consultants — as well as 11% more nurses and 10% more clinical staff now compared to 2019.

A cynic might conclude that the more billions we pour into the NHS and the more staff we pay for, the less work actually gets done.

And the latest wheeze our new Health Secretary has come up with is to supposedly improve NHS efficiency (though I suspect the words ‘NHS efficiency’ are an oxymoron just like the words ‘Border Force’) by cutting down the number of pen-pushers to free up more money for patient care. Before making this empty promise, it’s a pity that the latest in a long line of liars and idiots failing to run our health service didn’t look at current NHS recruitment ads. Had he bothered, he might have noticed these:

  • Salisbury NHS Trust – Head of Diversity and Inclusion – £56,164 to £65,262 a year
  • Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – Inclusivity and Diversity Lead – £48,526 to £54,619 a year
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust – Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – salary not posted yet
  • North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust – Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor – £33,706 to £40,588 a year
  • Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Partner – £41,659 to £47,672 a year
  • Cumbria and Northumberland NHS Foundation Trust – Involvement and Lived Experience Diversity Officer – £33,706 to £40,588 a year
  • Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer – £23,949 to £26,282 a year

It seems our political leaders have given up trying to achieve anything. They promise everything and deliver nothing. They seem to only be interested in keeping their jobs for as long as possible so they can get rich at our expense.

Liars, incompetents and scum all of them in my humble opinion.

7 comments to Our useless, lying politicians talk big and deliver nothing

  • Stillreading

    “Liars, incompetents and scum all of them in my humble opinion.” I can only agree with that statement. Sums it up completely. Regarding the South Coast Invasion, at the very end of a discussion with Mark Steyn on GBNews about a week ago on why the Government has done nothing effectively to prevent the arrival of tens of thousands of illegals, Lleilani Dowding could just be heard commenting “Occam’s Razor” – if you seek the answer to a seemingly complex problem, look first for the simplest and most obvious solution. In this context, quite simply, our Great Leaders are not stopping it because they don’t want to! We heard Starmer yesterday tying himself in verbal knots on the subject of immigration. In fact, they ALL – Sunak, Hunt, Starmer, are in reality already “signed up” intellectually to the WEF, Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset, and the abolition of national borders and national identities. Remember: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” That’s just for us plebs of course, the workers, imprisoned in our little boxes, let out to work, deprived by excruciating taxes or limitations on our carbon allowances from owning or driving personal transport, ditto getting on a plane, our children corralled into giant Skinner boxes, aka schools, where their minds will be “shaped” by critical race theory and trans-gender ideology into lifelong adherence to the desired doctrine. The Elite – the Johnsons, Sunak with his billions, Hunt with his Chinese affiliations, plus their European and American counterparts and now of course the anything but apolitical King Charles III, will of course ensure they have their own arrangements already in place for continuance of their privileged lives before they openly impose their will on the rest of us. The covid lockdowns and the punishments inflicted on those who contravened were the first experiment to test how much the UK public would take before rebelling. They got the answer they hoped for – we took it all and did nothing. The current invasion is the second experiment. Again, how much – or rather, how many – more will we take before we rebel? Well, there’s not a lot of rebellion so far. Hotels being taken over so that already booked rooms and wedding receptions are being cancelled at short notice, villages having their populations more than doubled literally overnight by the ingress of illegals from alien cultures, illegals being given the in-person access to GPs and dentists denied to the rest of us, yet other than mutter and moan between ourselves, we do nothing. Unless or until our electoral system enables the election of a new Party under someone like Nigel Farage, willing and able to confront and put an end to what is being done to us, we are on a road to national and cultural extinction.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on David and Stillreading,although traitors might be legitimately used to describe them all.What is a an Involement and Lived Experience Diversity Officer for goodness sake and what has it possibly got to do with health.Love to read the job description,although I would probably be unable to understand it.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read that Sir Kneel has promised to abolish the House of Lords, the next time Labour get their turn at the taxpayer ATM.

    The question I and many others would ask is – ”Why stop there..?”

  • Paul Chambers

    South Africa has a similar policy of requiring organisations and businesses to employ a percentage of the black population. It becomes a carry cost and it depends on what they do with these people as to the impact on the business. Some thrive but stories abound of firms creating non-jobs just to comply.

    Problem with the UK version of this policy is its ok in small numbers. But as the group grows it starts to impact wider performance as some of these people seek to engage themselves and contribute. Given the political underpinnings of these roles its fair to say they can add little real value and very likely the opposite in a lot of cases. Not there fault of course and cannot blame anybody for taking the money but i expect its better if they do nothing all day.

  • A Thorpe

    It is not just the illegal immigrants. Nigel Farage says the population has increased by about 10 million in the last 20 years and 85% are immigrants. Last year 1.3 million visas were approved. Where are the houses and jobs for all these people, and other services also have to be increased to provide for them?

    How can we deport them? Apparently most have no documentation to say where they came from. Immigrants are now arriving in Ireland by plane and claiming they have lost their passports during the journey. I assume they know where the plane came from so why allow them entry, put them on a plane back, but it is not being done. If their country of origin is known, does that country have any obligation to take them back? We don’t want UK citizens who have joined Isis back.

    There are serious self-created problems for our own citizens as the NHS treatments show and the BBC recently had a programme about the effect of the financial crisis. They made many claims about the extent of it without providing evidence. But I am sure that much of the housing stock is substandard because of poor build quality and poor maintenance. Slums were demolished after the war and replaced by the slums of today. One woman had to leave a good property and she had an interest only repayment mortgage which she could not pay any longer. It was obvious that low interest rate mortgages would cause problems when the interest rate went up, which it had to do. Effectively she has just been handing over money to the bank for years and has nothing to show for it. This is what happens when people believe the fantasies sold by the government and bankers.

    I have just started reading “America’s Great Depression” by Murray N Rothbard and in the preface, he said in 1982 “We have gotten to the point where everything the government does is counterproductive; the conclusion, of course, is that the government should do nothing at all, that is, should retire quickly from the monetary and economic scene and allow freedom and free-markets to work.” What would he have to say about today, no doubt “I told you so”. I’m increasingly convinced that the problems of today started over 100 years ago and that makes them impossible to correct because the damage to society is so extensive and people willing to accept loss of freedom for worthless government promises.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Useless scum indeed! However IMO the blob (snivel serpents aided by the MSM) has more to answer for than the MPs. Granted the MPs are a total waste of space but they’re just passing through. This rot has been setting in for decades and it’s engineered by the blob. Doesn’t matter who wins the next election, nothing will actually change because the blob agenda will carry on regardless. We may even end up back in the EU largely because it means the blob can go back to sitting with their feet up on the desk letting the faceless Brussels bureaucrats get on with it.

    Look at Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan & accusations of bullying and Liz Truss’s defenestration. Both of them had good ideas but the blob didn’t like it so they had to be thwarted and binned if possible. Cummings was onto something but he was also got rid of.

    It’s all quite Machiavellian – we need a bonfire of the civil service which will never happen because they are accountable to no-one. Ditto the NHS.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The current Civil Service tactic to maintain its ‘Common Purpose’ control of Government policy is to accuse every single Minister who has gone even slightly off-message of ”Bullying”.

    Cue calls from the Tory Left and Labour for an inquiry, with the Minister concerned then having to spend all their time defending themselves rather than getting with the job they’re being overpaid to do. Much easier therefore for whoever’s PM this month to simply replace them with an acceptable Globalist apparatchik, of whom there is certainly no shortage in the ‘Conservative’ party.

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