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My latest book and the fight-back against ‘woke’

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Why we must win the culture wars

Probably the most important issue facing us all is not President for Life Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan lab Chinese plague. Instead it’s the battle against ‘woke’ – the cultural battle against the West-loathing, self-righteous, virtue-signalling, useful (for our enemies), pig-ignorant woke idiots who want to abolish free speech, excommunicate anyone who doesn’t parrot woke opinions and drag the West down handing the world over to Chinese domination and handing our countries over to a mass invasion of Third-world primitives who will wreck everything that two thousand years of civilisation have (in spite of Germany’s repeated attempts to destroy Europe) built.

But slowly, some people appear to be fighting back against the cyber-pitchfork-wielding woke Twitter mobs. The ultra-woke head of the National Trust was recently forced to resign; a police chief has dared suggest that the public want to see coppers who arrest the baddies instead of indulging in woke stupidities like kneeling to BLM rioters, painting their fingernails in LGBT+++ colours and grovelling to Extinction Rebellion crazies; and Andrew Neil’s non-woke GB News channel has just been launched.


Today, my own very modest contribution to the fight-back against woke is available – it’s my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

When I told my literary agent I wanted to write the book, he told me not to bother as, in his opinion, British publishing was either too woke or too afraid of the woke mobs for any publisher to buy my book. So, I’ve had to pay to publish it myself.

THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS is unique in using 150 years of newspaper articles, CIA reports and clear documented evidence of temperature-chart fraud to completely destroy all the claims of the woke, West-loathing climate catastrophists. From apocalyptic claims of an overheating Earth, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, more extreme weather, soon-to-be-extinct polar bears, more wildfires, droughts and famines – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS demolishes them all.

Hopefully readers will support this blog by buying copies of my book (either as a paperback or an ebook) for themselves, their parents, their friends, their enemies and their woke children and/or grandchildren and anyone else they can think of. I only get about £0.55 per book sold, so this isn’t going to make me rich. But THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS might help provide an antidote to the climate catastrophist garbage spewed out by the BBC, Channel 4 News, the Guardian and all the other lying mainstream media.

We need to win the battle against fascist, free-speech-hating, West-loathing woke.

Hopefully my little book can help:

12 comments to My latest book and the fight-back against ‘woke’

  • Loppoman

    David, any other place to buy apart from Amazon.
    Their checkout is confusing – could be buying something I don’t want.

  • A Thorpe

    Well done for publishing this. I’ve just downloaded a copy and I’m looking forward to finding out what you have made of it.

    I don’t share your optimism about a fight back. I watched some of GB News and I must say it is very refreshing, but already there are attempts to get advertisers to boycott it. Neil is the best part of it but I found the discussion programmes a bit lightweight. I can’t see it having much influence on changing minds.

    I watched The Crucible recently and it seems similar to now. There was a collective belief in the devil and possession by the devil, without any evidence to support the idea. The adults were keeping their heads down to avoid being accused, but when it happened there was nothing they could do. The accused who refused to confess and stuck to their beliefs were hung. With the ducking stools the ones who could not save themselves from drowning were assumed innocent.

    Fortunately we are not in that situation but the belief in human caused climate change has now got a vice like grip on politicians, the media, academia and education. Anybody standing up to this will not have a job and Peter Ridd, the barrier reef expert, is a good example. The science and evidence is not being discussed. It is taken as fact and we have now moved on to destroy our energy supplies and economy. Added to this we have the pandemic nonsense also supported by outrageous claims of excess deaths from more erroneous modelling.

    There is a common element between the past and now which is a failure of rational thinking and this must be based on evidence. Gadd Saad has said it is as if a mind virus has infected us to prevent rational thinking, but he has no answers on how to deal with it. Douglas Murray has used the term educated imbecility. Life is now so complex that it is difficult to get evidence and to know what is true. This applies now to the death numbers attributed to covid.

    The physics and reasoning required to see through the climate fraud is quite basic and it demonstrates to me a failure of education to keep up with the advances in knowledge over the last 50 years or so. I have no contact with anybody in education today, but what on earth are they bring taught.

    It seems to me that our early hunter gathers had to live with uncertainty or they did not survive. When we started farming and settled into communities fear of uncertainty and the future seems to have dominated our lives. When religion dominated we could blame offending god, but now we blame ourselves and think that we can control the future through our behaviour. Edmund Burke discussed the fear of the future and he pointed out that actions we take to control it usually produce a worse outcome. This is exactly what we are doing. However, we now have a more advanced, global economy and there is far more to lose. I cannot see anything but decline but how quickly it will happen I do not know. A major and rapid change from the unscientific nonsense is essential and there is no sign that will happen.

  • A Thorpe

    @Loppoman – I agree. The link took me to an Amazon page I had not seen before but it did work. I suggest opening the Amazon website and searching for the book and it should be more obvious.

  • Stillreading

    Go to Amazon website as usual, enter “David Craig” – that’s what I did – you will see a list of various stuff by other authors which you don’t want, scroll down the list until you come to David’s books, choose the one you want, see the various options to buy – Kindle, Print etc., put the print version in your Basket, then go to Checkout. That’s where you’ll possibly get fleeced! Be VERY careful. It’s too easy just to click “Buy” and find that inadvertantly you’ve enrolled for Amazon Prime. To avoid this, you’ll need to click on the REALLY TINY red bit of text to the Left saying you do not want Amazon Prime. (Unless you’ve already got it of course.) Then the next problem – Postage and Packing. You’ll have to pay about £3.50 for that, UNLESS you buy another book at the same time. Book orders from Amazon are postage and packing free if in excess of £10. The other option is Kindle, but I’m not sure how the various reproductions of news cuttings, graphs etc., would come up on Kindle. Personally I’ve put David’s latest in my Amazon Basket but shall wait until I can make my order up to £10 or more. (I have ideas, as a family member self-publishes on Amazon and I haven’t yet purchased his latest.)
    Let’s at least be thankful that writers CAN obtain an audience through Amazon, hopefully leading on to acceptance by publishers. I heard the female founder of Virago on radio yesterday deploring the fact that “woke” attitudes of mainly younger personelle in the publishing industry are prohibiting publication of “unacceptable” authors. She was speaking with regard to Trump’s account of his time in the White House. Personally, friends and family apart, I am feeling ever less able to express my opinions and would no longer dream of doing so publicly and in print.

  • David Craig

    You can get the book without delivery charges (even though it costs less than £10) if you pick it up from your nearest Amazon pick-up point – usually in a supermarket, petrol station or even smaller shop. Mine is in a Coop just down the road and there’s another in my nearest petrol station.

    When you buy the book, you can choose to pick up the package and amazon will give you a list of local pick-up points

  • Stillreading

    Thanks for that David. I didn’t know.

  • Stillreading

    Thanks for that David. I didn’t know. I’ve placed my order now but useful information for the future.

  • Loppoman

    Yeah, got it ordered.
    Coming on Tuesday to local Post Office free of p&p.

  • I’ll get the Kindle edition of Dave’s book. Anyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone can download the Kindle app and use it to read Kindle editions of books. After I have read it, I’ll leave a review on Amazon.

    The woke are destructive decadents, nihilists. Nietzsche called them the physiologically exhausted. They cannot create only destroy. The social destruction they have wreaked is all too evident. They use egalitarian politics to come to power by making it increasingly difficult for anyone with integrity and intelligence to make it in the educational, political and media worlds.

    In the late 19th century, Nietzsche did a marvellous job of explaining decadence and nihilism in his book called “The Will to Power”. It is essential reading for anyone who is seeking to come to terms with what is going on now. Nietzsche said that he was writing for the 20th and 21 centuries, which is when he expected what we are experiencing now to become existential.

    Here are two extracts – 37 and 38 from that book that is also available from Amazon:

    37 – Spring/fall 1887 – The Will to Power – Friedrich Nietzsche

    The development of pessimism into nihilism. – Denaturalisation of values. Scholasticism of values. Detached and idealistic values, instead of dominating and guiding action, turn against action and condemn it.

    Opposites replace natural degrees and ranks. Hatred against the order of rank.. Opposites suit a plebeian age because easier to comprehend.

    The repudiated world versus an artificially-built “true, valuable one”. – Finally: one discovers of what material one has built the “true world”: and now all one has left is the repudiated world, and one adds this supreme disappointment to the reasons why it deserves
    to be repudiated.

    At this point, nihilism is reached: all that one has left are the values that pass judgement [in modern terms, political correctness and wokeness] – nothing else.

    Here the problem of strength and weakness originates:

    1. The weak perish of it;
    2. those who are stronger destroy what does not perish;
    3. those who are strongest overcome the values that pass judgement.

    In sum this constitutes the tragic age.

    38 – Recently much mischief has been done with an accidental and in every unsuitable word: everywhere “pessimism” is discussed and the question is debated whether pessimism or optimism is right, as if there must be answers to that.

    One fails to see , although it could hardly be more obvious, that pessimism is not a problem but a symptom, that the name should be replaced by “nihilism”, that the question whether not-to-be is better than to be is itself a disease, a sign of decline, an idiosyncrasy

    The nihilistic movement is merely the expression of physiological decadence [physiological degeneration].

  • Bad Brian

    I have bought the book but I hope it does not turn out to be a rant against all those dedicated scientists and Hollywood celebrities who have selflessly flown millions of miles in their private jests to warn us of the polar ice caps melting and walrus having to jump off cliffs in their millions to escape David Attenborough.

    And no more slagging Greta Thumbum I hope. She warned us that soon there would be no polar bears in the Antartic and she was right, except for the ones in zoo’s.

    You can’t have it both ways David. Either you’re right or Greta is. Which one is it going to be !

  • David Craig

    OK. I admit defeat. Greta is better looking than me and is best chums with jetsetters like Princess Harry of Woke and Leonardo DiCrapio. So I guess Greta must be right and I must be wrong.

  • Bad Brian

    YO, David,

    Jokimg aside, I got the book today.

    Nice large clear type which I wish more publishers would use and a generous number of graphs and newspaper cuttings intersperced throught make your book look very interesting at first glance.

    Your writing is always good so i am looking forward to sitting down and reading it.

    I hope you this book will be a winner for you as you deserve it. Well done !

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