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Africa’s corrupt, thieving murderers ‘take the urine’ – yet again

(Thursday blog)

Great news for Zimbabwe’s farmers (not!)

Here’s a heart-warming story you might have missed last week.

Last Wednesday Zimbabwe’s government signed an agreement supposedly worth $3.5 billion to compensate white farmers who were evicted from their land during a controversial and often violent land redistribution program in the early 2000s under former President Robert Mugabe.

“This momentous occasion is historic in many respects, brings both closure and a new beginning in the history of the land discourse in our country Zimbabwe,” said current President Emmerson Mnangagwa, after signing the agreement at State House with Andrew Pascoe, the president of the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, also know as “The Crocodile” is a really jolly, trustworthy chap:

“After almost 20 years of conflict over the land issue, representatives of farmers who lost their land through the fast track reform program and representatives of government have been able to come together to see a resolution of this conflict. To me this is nothing short of a miracle. For me it has been a dream that I will see this day,” said Pascoe.

According to the agreement, 50 percent of the $3.5 billion would be paid with 12 months from the day of signing, while the balance is paid within five years.

Hooray for Zimbabwe! Hooray for the Crocodile!

Where’s the money coming from?

There’s only one small problem. Zimbabwe is bankrupt as everything that wasn’t nailed down has already been stolen by Zimbabwe’s corrupt leaders – especially by alleged mass-murderer and alleged looter-in-chief President Emmerson Mnangagwa:

Economists agree that the Zimbabwean government, cash strapped after years of hyper-inflation and world-beating incompetence and mismanagement, cannot afford to make the compensation.

In a statement, the Finance Ministry said that they will be issuing long-term bonds and that the parties will approach international donors to try and raise the funds.

I’m not sure who would buy long-term bonds from the Zimbabwean central bank. But no worries, Zimbabwe will also “approach international donors to try and raise the funds”.

Where will the money go?

Hopefully, you’re beginning to get the idea. Now that there’s nothing left to steal in Zimbabwe itself, the country’s leaders/looters have come up with a brilliant idea – get stupid, colonial-guilt-ridden Whities to pour billions into a supposed ‘compensation fund’ and then steal that money too.

Smart huh?

And no doubt our useless politicians are dumb enough to fall for this latest multi-billion dollar con. No doubt hundreds of millions of our £12bn foreign aid to Third-World kleptocrats will soon disappear into President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s and his cronies’ fleets of Mercedes, international property portfolios and personal offshore pension funds.

Remember – Black Looters Matter.

I mean, you didn’t really expect any of the money to actually reach the dispossessed white farmers did you? Duh!!!!

Anyway, many/most of Zimbabwe’s white farmers have already been hacked and/or burnt to death by Mugabe’s and Mnangagwa’s goons.

A short educational video

On a completely different subject, here’s a short educational video demonstrating why you should probably never threaten an American cop with a knife.

Here’s a clue – they have a gun.

(if you click on the link and then click on ‘play’ you may get diverted onto a porn website at least once. But just close that immediately and click on ‘play’ again and the video should work)

2 comments to Africa’s corrupt, thieving murderers ‘take the urine’ – yet again

  • A Thorpe

    Zimbabwe’s leaders stole money, our leaders are printing worthless money. I wonder whether there is much difference in the end.

    There is an argument in favour of the USA gun laws related to the video and your comment. It says that thieves are less inclined to enter homes when they know the owner has a gun. It is also said there is more property theft in the UK than in the US because of this, but I have not seen the figures. And what happens in the UK when home owner’s have a gun and defend themselves – the property owner becomes the guilty person. The police seem to have given up investigating break ins which just encourages more and I suspect we will see and increase soon as unemployment increases. Boris has boasted about crime reduction in London when he was mayor, but I doubt we will see any sign of his skills being applied to has role as PM.

  • Stillreading

    We are fast heading for a lawless society – indeed, it largely exists already in many areas. Our legal system has become unfit for purpose, its latest manifestation being the relatively derisory sentences handed out to the three vile youths who dragged P C Andrew Harper over a mile along a country road, zigzagging in order to rid their vehicle of his body, until there was little that was recognisable left of him. I was appalled to hear yesterday that he was so dreadfully mangled that his wife and parents were advised not to view his body. Deplorable. To see those three apologies for human beings grinning and gesticulating as they entered Court was sickening. All three should have been convicted for murder and received whole life sentences. Incarceration until they depart this life. As it is they will be out in less than a decade, alive and kicking to resume their lives of crime. Yet in the same news bulletin and on the same day we learned during the inquest on Caroline Flack that the boyfriend whom she was charged with “assaulting” had asked that no case be brought against her. But the Police have to ratchet up their “charge” rates somehow, and given what happened to P C Harper perhaps it’s no wonder that they almost fabricate charges against one rather unhappy young woman, while they docilely kneel down before rioters and destroyers, then run from the missiles being hurled.

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