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Has China already conquered us – but we just haven’t realised?

(Monday blog)

Today I just wanted to suggest that China has already conquered the USA, Europe, the Antipodes and Africa but that we just haven’t realised what has happened.

When I write “China”, I mean the corrupt Chinese Communist Party (CCCP). Of course, the CCCP doesn’t conquer directly using the Chinese military. Instead, the CCCP mainly works through Chinese companies. As Chinese companies know well, any Chinese company which doesn’t do what the CCCP tells them will usually find their top bosses disappear for a few weeks, then reappear to confess to corruption before being bundled off to prison or else ‘volunteering’ to become an organ donor.

Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail in a short blog. But I’ll try to touch on some of the main evidence of the success of the Chinese conquest.

Does China control Horrywood and America?

China’s Wanda Group owns Legendary Pictures, which produced Jurassic World and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and also owns AMC Theatres, the largest cinema chain in the U.S. Moreover, Chinese cinemas brought in $9.2 billion last year, compared to just $910 million a decade ago. So, Horrywood executives have to be nice with China’s film officials who control which foreign titles get to play in the country’s more than 60,000 cinemas.

Even worse, China controls many top US politicians. Senate Republican  leader, Mitch McConnell and his Chinese wife have a long history of being members of the boards of major Chinese companies and are believed to have earned tens of millions from helping Chinese companies operate in the USA while also reportedly working to block any attempts to limit Chinese influence in America. Meanwhile over in the Democrats, Hunter Biden (son of presidential candidate Joe Biden) took several billion dollars from Chinese banks and investors to buy up US real estate and high tech companies for the Chinese.

Does China control the useless EU?

Meanwhile, over on this side of the Atlantic things aren’t much better. Nobody has any idea of how many EU companies China controls. In a previous blog, I noted that Chinese companies (basically the Chinese Communist Party) own stakes in 13 European ports:

And just this week, we learnt that the European Union rewrote and softened a report that detailed the coronavirus disinformation campaign carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after receiving pressure from apparatchiks in Beijing. Trade between China and the EU was estimated to total $1.6 billion per day, making the bloc China’s top trading partner. The EU has also been heavily reliant on Chinese medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic — although much of it has been revealed to be faulty.

Meanwhile, in Britain the boss of Chinese telecoms company Huawei has warned the UK government not to block Huawei’s involvement in building the UK’s 5G network. With the UK leaving the EU and desperate to negotiate new trading relations with other countries, I’m sure UK politicians understand what Huawei’s threat means.

Australia and New Zealand have already been colonised

When I visited Australia and New Zealand about 4 years ago, I was astonished at the number of Chinese in the main cities and the number of businesses owned by the Chinese. China owns huge amounts of real estate, natural resources companies and food production businesses. At the beginning of January, just before admitting that the Covid-19 Chinese plague could be transmitted from human to human, Chinese companies (including incredibly a real estate company) hastily bought up millions of dollars of medical personal protective equipment (PPE) in Australia and shipped tons of the stuff back to China causing shortages in Australia.

Just over 30% of Australia’s exports go to China and Australia has just been warned by the Chinese ambassador that it could face an economic hit if it does not back down from launching an inquiry into China’s handling of the coronavirus catastrophe

China colonises Africa using ‘debt trap diplomacy’

And finally, here’s a video showing how China is colonising Africa through ‘debt trap diplomacy’:


3 comments to Has China already conquered us – but we just haven’t realised?

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps the real question is – has socialism taken over everywhere? This is the real enemy of humanity. Our Labour party and other socialist in the west like to talk about social democracy (an oxymoron) to hide their real objective. They present themselves to appear entirely differently to the Communists, Fascists and Nazis, but they are all the same in reality. They want state control of all property and control over everything we think and do and of course the power and wealth denied to us. There is concern about a world government being created but I realise now that this is a smokescreen and impossible to create. The socialists have achieved their aim by taking over all institutions in every country. They started in the universities and then schools and have created endless NGOs which have taken decisions from governments.

    Margaret Thatcher saw the dangers of socialism and she did everything possible to reduce the power of the state and to ensure that we did not give our sovereignty to the EU. She had Reagan with the same beliefs. Blair took us backwards and every PM since has followed his path. The combination of democracy and universal suffrage can only result in socialism because parties have to promise more and more welfare to get elected. This is how Boris got elected. He offered more spending of money he hasn’t got than Corbyn did. Now he has even less money and this morning he was promising we will be even stronger than before he closed the economy. The virus did not close the economy, Boris did.

    The environmental agenda has dominated thinking but it has destroyed western economies and China and India still churn out all the pollution on our behalf and the environmental damage is still being done. Obama told the USA that energy prices would skyrocket and they have. Trump has tried to reverse this. In Europe energy prices have done the same. Cheap energy is essential for a thriving economy. China and India have cheap energy. The privatisation of UK energy prices slowly introduced competition and prices fell. Now government regulation has increased them. At least under nationalisation the prices had some relationship to costs but now we have a worse situation since the government controls the prices and they are skyrocketing. Renewable energy increases costs and subsidies go to the rich, at the same time the electricity supply system is becoming unreliable. This is a lesson in how to destroy an economy.

    Obama also made the American health care system unaffordable. He transferred private insurance to state controlled insurance and taxpayers are now pouring money into the insurance companies, not into the health system. This is socialism – state control of everything, with no regard to cost or outcomes.

    Now we have the utter madness of the world in lockdown. A dream scenario for socialism – people under complete control of the state. The panic was started by the unelected WHO and the media. Our governments did not stop to think. Here in the UK they followed un-scientific advice from Imperial College from the idiot that has a record of poor predictions for other scares, and now they have no idea what to do next. Continued lockdown causes more damage and if deaths increase when lockdown is relaxed the government will be in bigger trouble. Boris said as much this morning.

    We have the utter nonsense of Protect the NHS, when the purpose of the NHS is to protect us. Nobody points out the obvious, which is we have around 20,000 deaths and increasing, which the NHS failed to prevent. There is no treatment for the virus. We have no idea whether the NHS has saved any lives, even though Boris claims they saved his. My understanding is that the total deaths over a long period will be the same whatever is done, but the damage to the economy is very dependent on policies. I doubt the promised vaccine will appear. There are a number of coronaviruses and there isn’t a vaccine for any. There is no vaccine for SARS after years of research. Socialism requires chaos and fear to exercise control over us and that has been achieved. Increasingly we are being encouraged to wear masks, removing our individual identity, something that the west has criticised muslim face coverings about.

  • loppoman

    @ A Thorpe,
    You have absolutely summarized what is going on in the western world today.
    There’s no peaceful solution, only revolution will change things. So called democracy is nothing of the sort. It is an illusion. Only the informed can see this but there aren’t enough of them. The education policy is to keep the masses “thick” and forever reliant on the state. It is working very well.

  • leila

    We need social interaction to maintain immunity, and a selection of general bacteria/viruses/ fungi on our skin/nasal etc mucosae, and in our intestinal tracts. Constant washing or application of skin desiccating alcohol ‘sanitizers’ destroy the balance.
    The lock-in is reducing our immunity.

    Re China thank you David for keeping the truth in clear
    sight. If I am nervous of anything it’s cruel Chinese, especially when we are sleep walking into this present and future nightmare.

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