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Hooray – Rape is now legal in the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’ve got some really neat news for you if you’re a multi-cultural enricher either living in or intending to move to the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan. It seems that rape is no longer a serious criminal offence in Swedistan – but only if you’re a multi-cultural enricher. Even rape of under-age girls seems to now be ok in Swedistan. In fact, the more brutal the rape and the more you hit, kick and strangle the girl you’re raping, the less likely it is that you’ll be punished. I guess the ever so progressive, ever so liberal Swedes have realised that violent rape of underage girls is part of the culture of many migrants and therefore in ever so liberal, ever so progressive multi-cultural Swedistan, they’re not punishing anyone who is acting according to their culture.

Hussein from Somalia

Let me tell you about Hussein who travelled all the way from his home in Somalia to enrich Swedistan:

A 19-year-old Somali Muslim migrant in Sweden was sentenced to just 75 hours of community service for brutally raping a 13 year old girl several times, both vaginally and anally, that caused her so much pain, she wasn’t able to sit down for two days and has recurring nightmares.

The prosecutor was looking to get him convicted of rape against a minor, but the Swedish court decided to only convict him of “taking advantage” of the young girl reports Swedish news site Samnytt.

The age of consent in Sweden is 15. Despite this, the court did not convict 19 year old Hussein of rape against the 13 year old girl, but instead he was convicted of “sexually taking advantage” of her.

The Somali Muslim man received residence permit in Sweden by the migration authorities on the 13th of April 2016. On the 9th of March 2019 he was arrested by police. On the 6th of May 2019 Mora District court sentenced the man to a suspended sentence, 75 hours community service and ordered to pay SEK 15 000 ($1 579) damages to the girl.

Mikael Shaba and the 12-year-old Swedish girl

A 12-year-old girl who was so brutally raped she bled from her ‘abdomen’ after being groomed on Snapchat has seen her rapist avoid jail. Mikael Shaba, 17, groomed his victim on the picture sharing social media site.

On June 21st, 2018, Shaba lured his victim to his basement where he carried out the vicious attack. The victim is said to have bled from her “abdomen” and suffered several bruises around her body.

When talking with the police, the 12-year-old victim stated that Shaba came “from another country” but she couldn’t recall his nationality. Initially, the girl didn’t report the sexual attack. The victim’s older brother overhead Shaba boasting and joking about the rape to his friends. After this, he told his mother who later called the police.

Shaba denies the rape, claiming that the victim and her friend–who was present–are fabricating their claim in order to sully his reputation. Since the rape, the victim has begun to lose her hair due to psychological problems which have arisen out of the incident.

“The court finds that the crime has a penalty value of two years in prison, which is the minimum penalty for rape against children where the sentence scale runs from 2 to 6 years in prison. However, because of Mikael Shaba’s young age, the court considers that he should not be sentenced to prison at all, nor to closed youth care.”

The court also reasoned that Mikael Shaba should be given a 50 percent discount on the number of hours of youth service he is to be sentenced and therefore decide on 50 hours instead of 100. The reason for the reduction is that it should be considered part of the penalty that Mikael Shaba must participate in a call program according to an established “youth contract”. Specifically, according to the annex to the judgment, this consists in his having to talk to a social assistant for 45 minutes about violence on 15 occasions.

The rapist was handed a light sentence of fifty hours “youth service”. Shaba and his friends are also accused of verbally harassing the victim after the rape, in some instances calling her a ‘whore.’

Muhamed from Somalia

And let’s not forget Muhamed from Somalia:

(This one is a bit difficult to read, but by now you must be getting the picture of Swedistan’s descent into a progressive, liberal, multi-cultural hell)

15 comments to Hooray – Rape is now legal in the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan

  • A Thorpe

    It rather looks as if the rules are going to be “if something happens often enough, it becomes acceptable” and “if something is said often enough, it becomes the truth”.

  • Mark

    And I thought us the UK were barking mad and soft as. I guess we have a little way to go yet, just a little.

  • Dafydd

    Sooner or later there is going to be a backlash, as people are getting fed up with the authorities’ lax attitude towards these barbarians. At the same time, the powers that be have a harsher attitude towards those who dare to speak out against the ‘religion of peace’. The law is supposed to be applied without fear, favour, hatred or partiality, yet it seems to favour members of cruel, misogynistic and anachronistic religious cult. Why? Only Allah knows.

  • leila

    What are we to do? surely someone can think of something.I happened across an old interview of Tommy Robinson yesterday. Having been arrested for ‘mortgage fraud’ ( less than Mandleson’s mortgage transgression) he was jailed ( not a criminal offence)and deliberately pushed into a room of 8 hardened ROP ‘lifers’) and beaten severely.In another incidence he was warned a ROP was about to throw hot sugar water over him. As he stated he had no option other than a surprise attack- for which he was rearrested. You could see how traumatic and emotional the incidents were as he related them to Mark Levine. And all he did was to take the story and coverup by police, councils etc of the abused girls from the rape gangs public. As someone who has lived here for only 20 years ex Zim and SA I cannot believe the English have allowed this to happen. Shame on you all.

  • William Boreham

    Saw a good comment following an article about rape gangs – “We are heading back to the 7th century without having to build a time machine.”

  • Stillreading

    I agree Leila. But the shame does not lie with most of us ordinary citizens. All the people I know, admittedly people of middle and mature years, but people of significant life experience, feel as you do. I am English through and through and am thoroughly ashamed about what our elected politicians, with their craven submission to an alien cult, have conspired to bring about in my beloved country. This is the country my parents taught me to be proud of and for which my father and both my grandfathers fought in two World Wars. I fear greatly for the futures of my lovely grandchildren. When you and I and most of the folk I call friends have gone, the woke generation – and yes, that includes a couple at least of those grandchildren – are going to find that they have been sleep-walking into an existence of horror. I fail totally to understand WHY politicians are complicit in this race replacement – because that’s what it is.

  • Stillreading

    Another example of just how powerless are ordinary people. I am listening to an item on R4 news about the deplorable, inexcusable destruction of ancient woodland which is already taking place in order to construct the H2S vanity project. The government which purports to believe that carbon reduction is of such overriding importance that many of us motorists are going to be effectively driven off the roads because we shan’t be able to afford all-electric cars, is at the same time sanctioning the felling of thousands of acres of ancient woodland, millions of trees which are an acknowledged carbon sink. I know some of those woods. When I say I love my country, that and similar countryside is what I think of. It is heart-breaking. Does the majority of the UK electorate want HS2? I doubt it. We’d like improvement of existing lines, both in the appallingly overcrowded South and in the grossly under-provisioned North. We’d like to be able to turn up at a station and buy a ticket at a price which doesn’t entail taking on an overdraught! We’d quite like to be able to get to a station by reasonably priced public transport in the first place! We ordinary folk won’t ever to be able to afford to travel on HS2 anyway. We plebs will still be confined to the present status quo. Sorry to have gone off topic, but it’s all part of the same cavalier attitude by politicians to the concerns of ordinary people.

  • leila

    @Stillreading I weep with you. The despicable Jeremy rhyming slang Hunt was on R4 today saying how pleased he was with HS2 and wanted to see add ons HS3 and 4 and more! I could not believe my ears. God help us. Utter wanton destruction. The small boy who pleaded with parliament some while ago to save the woods ignored. Do they imagine they live in a large country as our host suggested in a previous blog, such as France where railways on a grand scale seem to fit? I am so angry.

  • Stillreading

    Indeed yes Leila. Nil response to that little boy’s plea, in marked contrast to the grovelling submission to Saint Greta. The fact that France and Spain are very different geographically, with enormous stretches of fairly flat, almost totally unoccupied terrain, through which straight lines can be driven, running hundreds of miles with minimal interruption to residential or farming land, seems totally to have escaped the comprehension of the HS2 advocates. But of course, there’s zillions of pounds up for grabs by all those in high office who already through devious financial set-ups have their snouts in the trough. And not only their snouts – in the words of James Hacker of Yes, Prime Minister, their front feet too! I’d like to know which MPs already have shares, directly or through convoluted financial devices, in HS2. Meanwhile money evidently cannot be found to dredge rivers or construct adequate flood defences in the Calder area, where homes have once again been flooded. One’s heart bleeds for the elderly man, and others like him, trough whose homes filthy, sewage-laden flood water has once again swept. I am rapidly losing respect for Boris!

  • Jeff Palmer

    Boris was elected to deliver (a form of) Brexit. Hopefully the EU will prove so obstructive and revengeful that we get No-Deal as well. Once that happens, the Tory party at grassroots level needs to look urgently for a genuine conservative to lead the party. This will not be an easy task. Any candidate for that job would have to have the skin of an armadillo and exceptional moral (and probably physical) courage, in order to be able to to stand up to all the vicious hatred and and all the screams of….ism, ….phobia, and ….denial which will be relentlessly hurled at him/her by far-left Labour/LibDem politicians, alphabet people, indoctrinated kiddies, and the media as a whole. But there are no Trumps on our horizon at the moment (and God knows where the US Republican party is going to find another one after his second term).

  • David Craig

    I believe that Trump’s successor is already lined up and ready to go. It’s Nikki Haley the former US ambassador to the UN and she may become America’s first female president. Tough shit Hillary!

  • loppoman

    I too have serious doubts about Boris. Has he lost his marbles?
    The man needs to get out more and see how the country works/doesn’t work.
    Electric cars e.g. – millions of new tech cars driving in and out of potholes.
    Scrap HS2 and resurface the roads instead.
    Improve current railway infrastructure, extend platforms for longer trains, abandon pricing structure and offer us a fair and simple price for travel. There is much more to do with the money.

  • Stillreading

    Couldn’t agree more loppoman. Roads and personal transport waiting outside the front door are here to stay. Only a stick will prevent it. No carrot can compare. The notion that the clock can somehow be reversed to the immediate post-war years, when only the local doctor, a few very well off business men and the Police drove cars, is ludicrous. Do Boris and the insane greenies truly think that the public will ever be persuaded to give up independant road travel? It’s not merely a question of perversity and selfishness. It is that with ever increasing urbanisation of the countryside, to find any greenery and countryside in which to walk, we absolutely have to get into the car and drive. I grew up a mile outside a South Coast city and almost literally at our backdoor were miles of beautiful countryside, glorious water meadows full of king-cups and hay meadows. All gone now. Disappeared under a major trunk road. So to find countryside people living where I once lived have to drive at least 5 miles in order to start a country walk. Then there’s fragmented, dispersed families. How will children and grandchildren visit beloved grandparents at weekends without a car? Electric cars, like HS2, will be for politicians, royalty and the financial elite. The rest of us will be increasingly confined to barracks on penalty of a plethora of fines every time we stick the bonnets of our cars onto tarmac. Boris needs to find his brain, wherever he’s hidden it, get his feet back on the ground and deliver the sort of future for our country that he lead us to believe pre-Election that he would.

  • Hardcastle

    I am afraid my pre election fears are rapidly being realised.The non conservative party have done it again,they have coned the electorate again in believing their smooth talk instead of their actions over the past years.When will they ever learn? Posh boys from Eton are not to be trusted.At least I did not fall for it and my conscience is clear and I am still a member of UKIP,remember,the Party that effectively gained us the Referendum but were then cast aside as the Cons promised to deliver and so many believed despite the experiences of the past30 years.

  • Philip

    Criticise the Swedes all you may but the Authorities in this country are even worse. Remember Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, Rochdale, Newcastle, Bristol, Bradford, etc, etc, etc. The perpetrators of some of the most heinous crimes I can recall walk the streets and laugh. And it is still continuing. and guess what the Police are doing? They are investigating themmselves for their uselessness. Laugh at the Swedes! No, I suggest we cry for this country.

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