February 2024
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The Queen’s example puts today’s venal, self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and military leaders to shame

The Queens’ sixty years of public service are a useful backdrop against which to judge today’s worthless, lying, self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and military leaders. We have a lying PM who is incompetent, out of his depth and floundering in a sea of his own blunders, who has poured our money into the pockets of his friends and cronies and who is too arrogant to do anything that is in Britain’s, rather than in his own, interests. We have a Chancellor whose stupidity is almost breathtaking, yet cannot bring himself to implement a single sensible policy because he wouldn’t want to be seen to ‘lose face’. There’s Ed Balls and Ed Miliband spewing their lies about the recession being due to ‘savage cuts’ when they know that public spending is increasing and that they with Brown are responsible for the current economic disaster. There are 646 MPs and almost 800 lords all fiddling their expenses and feathering their own nests at our expense. There’s the “100,000 club” – the 100,000 bureaucrats, hospital bosses, town hall chiefs and civil servants all earning more than £100,000 a year and who will all retire with taxfree cash payments of over £200,000 each plus getting a six-figure pension for life all paid for by people earning a small fraction of what the “100,000 club” are making. There are our hopeless military leaders, happy to waste the lives of hundreds of their troops in the pointless war propping up an incompetent, corrupt puppet government in Afghanistan while furthering their own careers and who rush off to make their fortunes working as consultants to defence companies as soon as they reach their wonderfully early retirement age.

During this Jubilee weekend, many of these venal, selfish scum will be sucking up to the royal family at the various events, all content with the easy lives they’ve managed to get for themselves living as well-rewarded parasites on taxpayers’ money. It’s a wonder the Queen can stand being anywhere near these self-serving scum without wanting to be sick.

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