May 2024

Who would dare mention IQ and race/ethnicity in the same sentence?

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Western society is becoming ever more complex. There are ever fewer basic manual-worker jobs available. So, what the West needs are more workers with higher intelligence levels.

What are our rulers doing about this? Yup, they’re importing millions of people who, if comparative IQ studies are to be believed, don’t have sufficient levels of IQ to function in a modern Western society.

Thus, if comparative IQ studies are to be believed, the only future for many of the imported millions is unemployment and disillusion leading to frustration, crime, hatred and possibly nihilistic terrorism.

But our liberal, progressive rulers cannot accept this interpretation of reality. In the liberal progressive mindset we are all equal, there are no differences in IQ levels between races and therefore the future of Europe lies in replacing Europe’s declining indigenous population with hordes from Africa and the Middle East.

What could possibly go wrong?

Here are two people discussing that which nobody else would dare discuss – differences in IQ levels between people and ethnicities and what we’re going to do with those (at least 1 in 10 people according to the Bell Curve) who lack sufficient IQ to lead fulfilling lives in our increasingly complex society:

2 comments to Who would dare mention IQ and race/ethnicity in the same sentence?

  • William Boreham

    I notice that hidden amongst all the hoo-ha about Stacy Dooley cradling a Ugandan baby for Comic Relief (representing “white saviour syndrome”) and the impression given that Uganda was in desperate need of aid, without which, a huge loss of life was inevitable – was the fact Uganda has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing populations in the world; its total fertility rate is among the world’s highest at 5.8 children per woman. Comic aid has raised over a £1billion presumably to help Uganda produce yet more mouths to feed, whereas logically, charities like Oxfam, Save the Children etc, should be distributing all their aid to the white population of the UK to encourage them to have more children as their birth-rate figures are less than 1.88, not enough to simply maintain their current levels and leading to inevitable extinction.

  • GeorgeBernardShaw

    Gary Allen – Fabian Socialists and You (1973)

    Uni’s are Commie Brainwashing Machines

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