June 2024

Migrants, refugees and lying lefties’ lies

(Monday blog)

This weekend loads of lefty deadbrains were taking part in protests against democratically-elected US President Donald Trump’s supposedly ‘brutal’ and ‘inhumane’ clampdown on illegal immigration. In particular they lambasted Trump for separating illegal migrants’ children from their parents even though:

  • this policy was intended to avoid the children being incarcerated with their parents
  • this policy had been in place under Saint Obama
  • the hated Trump actually stopped this policy when he heard about it

But the lefties and the progressive, liberal mainstream media never let the facts get in the way of a good story about the West’s supposedly inhumane treatment of poor innocent migrants

Monster lefty lies – Aylan Kurdi

You might remember Aylan Kurdi.

Aylan Kurdi was a three-year-old Syrian boy whose image made global headlines after he drowned on 2 September 2015 in the Mediterranean Sea. He and his family were supposedly Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe. Photographs of his body quickly spread around the world forcing European leaders to admit over a million supposed ‘refugees’.

Later we learned that the family had repeatedly applied for asylum in liberal, Izlumophiliac, metrosexual Justin Trudeau’s ultra-liberal Canada and been refused. If ultra-liberal Canada didn’t want this family, then there must have been something badly wrong with them.

Then we found out the family had actually been living for a couple of years in safe Turkey. But the father, understandably, rather fancied a better life in Europe. I’m sure the fact that the family could receive more in benefits in Europe than the father could earn by working in Turkey had absolutely nothing to do with this decision.

Then even more worrying issues emerged. Alan Kurdi’s father, Abdullah Kurdi, stated in some of his interviews that the inflatable boat became uncontrollable as its engine had failed, with the ‘captain’ abandoning it and everyone else.

However, an Iraqi survivor from the same boat, Zainab Abbas, who also lost two children from the disaster, told reporters that Abdullah had been presented to her as the ‘captain’, that he was driving the overcrowded boat too fast, causing it to flip over, and that he pleaded with her while they were still both in the water not to report him to anyone in authority. The Reuters agency reported that interviews with two other passengers in the boat, Iraqis Ahmed Hadi Jawwad (Zainab Abbas’s husband), and 22-year-old Amir Haider, corroborated Abbas’s account.

While the initial story about Aylan Kurdi’s death received massive coverage in the mainstream media, the more unsettling facts about the father’s role in his son’s death were not quite so widely reported.

Monster lefty lies – US child separations

And now it appears the mainstream media have fed us the same diet of biased lefty lies about the US child separations.

Maybe this short video tells us something closer to the truth?


1 comment to Migrants, refugees and lying lefties’ lies

  • Roy Hartwell

    There was a time when a good, independent press would have reporters snatching your arm off for this sort of information. Now, unfortunately, they all toe the same leftist libertarian line and are afraid to step out of it.
    Good as these blogs are for raising the issues (well done David) unfortunately they do only tend to be followed by those who actively seek the truth rather than be spoon-fed the pacifying ‘facts’

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