May 2024

Welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough

Could readers please take account of the fact that I’m writing in a country which was once a beacon of freedom and democracy. But now Britain has some of the most restrictive censorship laws in the formerly developed (now rapidly un-developing) world.

So, welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough – the website that celebrates the joys of diversity. The website that puts put people’s feelings above the truth. The website that believes lies are the new truth and truth is a lie. The website that believes facts are irrelevant and only libtard prejudices count. The website that supports  every biased report and lie put out by the BBC, C4 News and the Guardian

Just a couple of small things today as I haven’t had time to dig up something more substantial.

An inoffensive cartoon

Here’s cartoon a reader sent me. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone anywhere in any way. After all, this cartoon represents the new reality where all facts are lies and all lies are facts:

Welcome to the New Germany

If you visit a German town, what do you expect to see? Lots of people drinking beer and eating sausages? A bunch of fat men in lederhosen marching along to an oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah band? Election posters for Angela “Mad Cow” Merkel defaced with whatever the German word is for “traitor”?

Well, here’s a fabulous short video from the New Germany. Oh, I just love the heart-warming multi-cultural enrichment shown in this video and hope we’ll also see lots more similar wonderful scenes of inter-community harmony like this in Britanistan soon:

5 comments to Welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough

  • Joe Kinnear

    We all know what a large portion of the population think.
    So we are now not allowed to say what we think. Frustration will increase.
    This will cause the balloon to inflate a little faster until …..bang!!
    It’s only a question of time.
    Don’t worry, just be polite and wait.

  • Dave H

    Stout fellow David !
    What a bleedin racket, and I agree with Joe….
    When the white man turns ….. beware.

  • Tom

    People who vote LibLabCon only have themselves to blame because its these same self serving politicians that time and time again sell us out and then whenanelection comes around they tell us the same things they did last time and people believe them and vote themin again. England would never rehire one of their former managers as they are all proven failures, so why do the British people do this with the politicians. We need to be voting for anyone but the usual suspects, give someone else a go. I was talking to a UKIP MP tuther day as I agree with abolishing the Lords and having an English Parliement but I said to him that when/if that does happen your going to get all the cronies from the Commons who rejected the idea in the past and denied the concept of Englishness and St Georges day as a holiday all of a sudden wanting to get on that gravy train. Drain the British swamp folks.

  • David Brown

    I missed this reading about this item in the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto

    So the lying bitch wants to control what the people of a free country can read online under the guise of protecting children from accessing pornography and adults from ISIS recruitment propaganda.
    As Home Secretary May let in more migrants than any previous holder of that post in British History.

  • G Mac

    Every mosque in the UK should be utilised as a pig sty and every true follower should be given the choice, work with the pigs or take free passage to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or some other earthly Moslem paradise.

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