February 2018
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Corruption – the really inconvenient truth

Our leaders are meeting again to squeeze more money from us to fight the new bogeyman ‘Climate Change’. The plan is that we will pay ever more taxes and that our billions will be handed over to Third World governments supposedly to help them fight the effects of Global Warming.

There is a rule of thumb. About 10% of money handed out by Western governments to their own people is lost due to fraud. For the EU handing out cash, about 30% is lost due to fraud. UN studies in the Third World have repeatedly shown between 70% and 100% is lost to fraud and corruption.

At the moment the EU Emissions Trading Scheme hands over £4bn a year of our money to China and India for schemes to fight Climate Change – most of these are fraudulent.

Decades ago Jimmy Carter warned us that foreign aid meant taking money from the poor in the rich countries to give to the rich in the poor countries. The latest bunch of Climate Change taxes will just continue this long and disgraceful tradition.

Still at least Al Gore and many Third World politicians and businessmen are getting rich, so Climate Change is putting a smile on some people’s faces.

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