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Here are supposed “children” – but where are the real children?

(Easter weekend blog) Sometimes you have to laugh at how we are being taken for fools by the pleb-despising ruling elites.

You might remember how, about a year or so ago, the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, brain-dead, West-hating libtards mounted a campaign to pressure the Government into bringing supposed “child refugees” from the Calais Jungle camp into Britain.

Our Government, of course, quickly caved in. So a great media event was organised with the TV and press being invited to witness the first coach-load of “child refugees” arriving in Britain to show how liberal and welcoming and generous our Government was. But this turned into a bit of a PR fiasco when some cynics started to question whether the first “child refugees” really were children.

Since then, as I understand it, our useless Government has continued to ship in plenty more “child refugees”. But this has been done in secret, far away from the cameras and the press so nobody could expose that most of these “child refugees” aren’t children and aren’t refugees. They’re young men of military age sent to Britain by their families so that, once settled here, they could bring their whole families with 10 to 20 supposed brothers (all, no doubt, called ‘Mohammed’) to Benefits Britain where they could live off benefits and crime while filling in their spare time by raping white girls and stealing from shops in the sure knowledge that our politically-correct police have been instructed not to take any action against them.

Anyway, here’s a shortish video exposing how we’ve been tricked by the ruling elites. The first minute or so is a bit slow. But after that you’ll get the chance to laugh at how we’ve been fooled yet again by the migrant-loving, West-hating, liberal elites.

Perhaps the sign in the video should read “shave the children” and not “save the children”?

(Caveat – the presenter in this video makes some possibly insulting possibly true personal comments about two people in the video. I obviously cannot cannot condone these comments. But I do respect the presenter’s right to air his personal views about a serious situation)

2 comments to Here are supposed “children” – but where are the real children?

  • Tory Blair

    Nice one David Camoron, liberating Libya, ha , Libya now trading slaves.

    As the United States government continues to entertain regime change in Syria as a viable solution to the many crises in that country, it is becoming ever-more evident that ousting dictators — however detestable they may be — is not effective. Toppling Saddam Hussein led not only to the deaths of civilians and radicalization within the population, but also the rise of ISIS.

    As Libya, once a beacon of stability in the region, continues to devolve in the fallout from the Western “humanitarian” intervention – and as human beings are dragged into emerging slave trades while rapes and kidnappings plague the population – it is increasingly obvious that further war will only create even further suffering in unforeseen ways.

    Just wait till the UK is vulnerable and weak and these countries wreak revenge and want Regime change here on us and we will be powerless to stop it and who could blame them.

  • Dumbkopf

    European newspapers are full of other reports on the same subject: migrants attack pregnant women, a teen migrant stabbed a young refuge camp worker, refugees’ children kill their European peers. Male refugees arrange sex safari trips, in which they harass and rape European women.

    Not that long ago, an imam of a Danish mosque defended even child rape, because it was part of their culture, as he said.

    Perhaps one of the sickest stories on the subject was told by Norwegian politician Karsten Nordal Hauken. The politician was raped in his home by Somali refugee. The attacker was arrested and jailed for 4.5 years before the Norwegian authorities decided to deport him to Somalia. However, Hauken, the victim, stated that he felt guilty that his rapist would be deported to his home country, where he may suffer again, The Daily Mail reported.

    “I am a heterosexual man who was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,” Nordal Hauken said. “My life fell into ruin, but now I feel guilty about him being sent out of the country,”

    – See more at:

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