May 2022
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Swedish – ha ha ha ha – police – ha ha ha ha!

What are the greatest oxymorons of our times? There’s “free speech” or “border control” or “child refugee” or even “moderate Muslim”.

But one of the best is probably “Swedish police”. Up until the great Religion of Peace and Violence invasion, the Swedish police never really had to police anything. Occasionally they might have had to pick up a couple of drunks and stick them in the cells overnight to prevent them from freezing to death had they passed out on their way home during the winter. But that was about it. Being a policeperson (I assume one is not allowed to write ‘policeman’ or ‘policewoman’ any more) in Sweden meant either sitting in a well-heated Volvo or an even better-heated office all day eating Fallu-korv (a rather large sausage [korv] with an unfortunate but appropriate name from the town where it is made) and waiting for your early retirement and generous pension.

But following the invasion of Sweden by Religion of Love and Murder hordes, the Swedish police have had to do some real policing – well at least try – and they’re failing miserably. There are over 50 no-go areas in Sweden which are run by Religion of Happiness criminal gangs and which the police and emergency services are afraid to enter. Begging, robbery, burglaries, rape and violence are spiraling out of control and the Swedish police seem unprepared and helpless .

Anyway, here for your education and amusement is a short video of three rather well-fed (too much Fallu-korv?) Swedish policewomen, later assisted by a Swedish policeman, trying to arrest a migrant from Sweden’s most popular religion who is suspected of burning down at least one asylum centre and vandalising buildings and cars to show his gratitude to the Swedish people for being allowed to come and live off eye-wateringly generous benefits in Sweden.

First the three fat policewomen try to overcome the migrant – with little success. Then when a man, a member of the public, tries to assist them, they pull him away from the allegedly arsonist migrant. Next a Swedish policeman bravely joins in the fray. But the migrant manages to beat him off. Then all four courageous cops attack. But the migrant succeeds in overpowering the four policepeople (or should that be ‘policepersons’?) who run away from him allowing him to vandalise their police car before walking away – probably to burn down another couple of buildings or rape a few under-age girls or sell drugs or whatever it is that such migrants do to enliven their lives in stupefyingly boring Sweden.

The first duty of any government is the protection and security of their citizens. If I were Swedish, I wouldn’t have much confidence in the Swedish police protecting anyone except for invading migrants.


3 comments to Swedish – ha ha ha ha – police – ha ha ha ha!

  • MGJ

    Not exactly Regan & Carter from The Sweeney are they and the assailant was hardly Bruce Lee in his prime! Between the four of them, they couldn’t whack him with a truncheon or pepper spray him, presumably because of his yooman rites.

    The police were so hopelessly pathetic, I almost found myself backing the criminal.

  • Son of a miner

    Crikey i was backing the criminal!! I couldn’t help but laugh at the Swedish police..other migrants must look on and think what utter dickheads the police are..

  • david brown

    Not the land of the Vikings – Sweden and Muslims – google up images of 1960s movie HG Wells The Time Machine – Elio and Morloks –

    off topic but check out
    petition on number 10 website – UK to use the vienna convention to leave EU now

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