June 2024

Whose deaths would brighten up 2012?

In 2011 we lost a true hero, Vaclav Havel, the Czech Republic’s first democratic president. Havel knew about the evils of communism and was one of the few European politicians to dare speak out against the ever-increasing, undemocratic power of the EU superstate. Fortunately 2011 also saw the death of one of the world’s greatest scumbags when Kim Jong-il became Kim Jong-very-ill and then croaked. May this bastard, who killed 2 million of his own people so he and his cronies could enjoy the finer things in life, rot in hell.

But whose deaths would brighten up 2012? First on the list must be the repulsive Robert Mugabe whose greed and stupidity have probably caused as much suffering as his mate Kim Jong-il. Then there’s the head of Equatorial Guinea who is rumoured to be personally pocketing up to $40m a day while his people live in grinding poverty. In fact, most of Africa’s leaders are so rotten, stupid and corrupt that their deaths would probably come as welcome to their oppressed people. Then there’s the bunch of brutal crooks running Myanmar – the sooner they move on, the sooner their people can experience freedom. And what about the fat freak Kim Jong-un – an early coronary there would not go amiss. In fact, the world is still so full of thoroughly evil scumbags that a few timely deaths would bring a little light to our lives amidst all our economic problems.

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