February 2023
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What do our fatcat military and police bosses do all day?

(weekend blog) In a previous blog, I wrote about the absurdly top-heavy command structure in our armed forces:


The Navy has 421 officers for less than 40 fighting ships and submarines. The RAF has 26 Air Vice Marshalls, 90 Air Commodores and 330 Group Captains for around 820 aircraft including just 89 fighters (most of the rest are small trainers and helicopters). As for the Army – there are so many officers and so few regiments, we would put the Italian army to shame. One could wonder what most of these officers do all day.

And I also highlighted the lives of luxury our military bosses lead at our expense – while ordinary troops risk their lives before coming home to collect their P45s and head off into a life of poverty, their officers are laughing all the way to the bank. In addition to their big salaries and generous pensions, the top 32 military bosses get over £156,000 a year each in taxfree housing allowances. A further 390 officers receive over £87,000 a year each.

Today, I thought it might be worth casting some (possibly unwelcome) light on the command structure of Britain’s largest police force – the Metropolitan Police:

met police ranks

Oooops! Doesn’t look like a lean, mean, flat, modern organisation to me. Any company structured like this would have gone bankrupt long ago. Maybe there’s some room for savings here? Then the police wouldn’t have to cut so many from the lower ranks who actually do a tough job and who don’t have the luxury of being able to sit behind a big shiny desk all day.

met police lower ranks

Just a thought.

And before I forget, here’s a brief message from David Cameron “The bomb on the Russian plane had nothing to do with *sl*m which is a religion of peace”.

5 comments to What do our fatcat military and police bosses do all day?

  • trevor peart

    More Generals than tanks, more Admirals than ships,Commander in chief Camoron what more could you want.

  • david brown

    slightly off topic. I used to live in Croydon which is next to Bromley. Croydon cops have a helicopter and so does Bromley .A few minutes flying time apart. Yet London only had in 2014 one air ambulance paid for by public charity.
    Has any ones life been saved by a police helicopter ? The cost a fortune to keep and put up and there man use seems to be providing PR film for reality TV shows.

  • trevor yates

    Ah yes the religion of peace again at work here in the Philippines trying to destroy another Christian country.

    MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 4 –- The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday maintained it will adhere to the no ransom policy on the abduction of four persons, including three foreigners, from Samal Island in Davao del Norte province last September.
    PNP Spokesman Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor made this statement following the release of a video footage from suspected members of extremist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) demanding a PHP4 billion ransom in exchange of the freedom of two Canadians, a Norwegian and a Filipino who were forcibly taken last Sept. 11 in Holiday Ocean View Resort in Island Garden City in Samal Island.

    Nothing like a Good Beheading for the House Of Peace of Islam.This time the Filipino Muslim group Abu Sayyaf.

    Missing Barangay captain beheaded by Filipino Muslim group Abu Sayyaf.

    Just a question of time before its a regular occurrence in the UK. Oh wait its already started, remember Lee Rigby!!! Dont forget 1 in 3 UK muslim students want Sharia law , a lot more migrants will boost that number , super quick.

  • Stuz Graz

    The police were on the news the other night showing their new drone fleet. No mention they would replace the helicopters of course just more toys they can “serve” us with.

  • John Fields

    The government keeps hitting people at the bottom of the ladder, yet the top drawer
    parasites are the ones who will keep us poor i.e., monthly deficit.

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