February 2023
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Britain’s minorities take, take, take. But do they ever give?

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There’s great joy in Germany-controlled Brussels as the EU prepares to flood our country with mainly M*sl*m migrants from the Middle East and Africa in revenge for the British daring to criticise our EU-rulers. In the run-up to our EU referendum, we can expect many more of these attacks on our diminishing sovereignty by our spiteful EU ‘friends’ as they try to impoverish us as punishment for our perceived disobedience to our German masters.

But one might be confused as to why so many of these migrants are so desperate to come to Benefits Britain. After all, our beloved M*sl*ms are constantly telling us how much they hate us, our country, our freedoms and our tolerance:

why come here

So one would have thought they would prefer to live in a M*sl*m country with their wonderful Sharia Law, FGM, oppression of women, execution of gays, intolerance, violence and backwardness rather than having to put up with our freedoms and traditions.

And for the last fifty years, Africans have blamed their poverty and misery on us evil colonialists. So why on earth do they want to come to here to be ruled by us again? Why don’t they stay in Africa where they can be ruled by Africans? Surely that’s why many fought for freedom from colonial oppression?

africa freedom

It’s all very very confusing.

Anyone who has recently visited (or tried to visit) a doctor or a hospital recently would probably get the impression that ethnic ‘minorities’ are now a majority in Britain even though the black and Asian communities only make up about 14% of our population. It can sometimes seem as if ethnic British are hardly ever treated by the NHS such is the level of demand from new arrivals to our country.

But while those who come to our country can appear extraordinarily eager to take all the services we offer. It’s not so obvious that they’re willing to give anything in return. For example, as I’ve pointed out before, amongst Britain’s 300,00 or so Somalis, around 65% of the men and over 90% of the women are (what is politely called) ‘economically inactive’ or what could be more honestly called ‘benefits scroungers and parasites‘. Yet despite their levels of ‘economic inactivity’ our Somalis manage to send around £100m a year back to their families in Somalia. That too is very very confusing.

Here’s another thing that is very very confusing. Britain’s minorities appear to adore taking from our NHS but are most reluctant to give anything in return. Our minorities may make up 14% of our population yet they only account for around 3% of blood and organ donations. Although there are no definite figures for Britain’s M*sl*ms, they probably make up about 6% of our population but less than 1% of blood and organ donations. So a non-M*sl*m is possibly about ten times more likely to be a donor than a M*sl*m.

We’re not allowed to mention this as it would be considered waaacccciiiissssttt, but the lack of minority donors is a problem as body tissues have racially specific characteristics, which means that transfusions and transplants are far more likely to be successful when the donor and recipient are of a similar ethnic background. If you’re black, your best tissue match will usually be black. If you’re Asian and need a transplant, you’ll probably need an Asian donor.

Moreover a number of blood types are more common and specific to people from certain ethnic backgrounds. For example blood group B is more commonly found in black African/Caribbean populations and U negative – a rare sub-group – is only found in these communities. In addition, 25% of Asians (M*sl*ms?) are blood group B compared to 9% of western Europeans.

Yup, when it comes to Britain’s ethnic minorities, the philosophy seems to be take take take, but never give anything in return. And we are so wonderfully tolerant that we allow them to get away with this.

3 comments to Britain’s minorities take, take, take. But do they ever give?

  • NoMore

    Cameron won’t do it because he is really a LibDem but ASAP he should be making our benefits system contribution-based as it is in much of Europe, and the NHS not completely free to health tourists.

    And no more “asylum” seekers – we should be stopping aid to countries with bad rulers (that would be most of them) and countries with over-population issues (that would be most of them) and broadcasting the assets of those rulers who attempt to blame their woes on this long overdue limitation of aid. If their own countries were better, they learned how to put on condoms, and knew there were no free houses in leafy parts of London plus thousands of pounds of fee money anymore there might be a noticeable fall in the number of “asylum” seekers (and you didn’t “flee” to one of the 40 odd nearest M*sl*m countries because?).

  • mike mines

    Lisbon….longest suicide note in history.

  • david brown

    The Somalis are generally disliked across Africa and by many Africans in the UK.

    As for their benefit figures, looking around you can see the women have above average number of children.The men while officially unemployed often have other sources of income

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